GUCCI_ACE Sneakers Colletion 2016 PRE-FALL


 2016 PRE-FALL Collection of Gucci is unveiled and Alessandro Michele again has created unseen new Gucci reinterpreted with inherent classic of Gucci and with amiable wits. It seems like heyday of Gucci revive. 
These days feeling boring that minimal and norm core look, Gucci’s intensive colors are enough to make please us, showy embroidery decoration, street mood on the luxurious silk fabric and ethnic patch with lettering is enough to possess Gucci. Through this collection, another signature of Gucci was revived! Hello, there!

It is ACE SNEAKERS as iconic GUCCI’s tennis shoes.  Through hand of Michele, it was reborn as lovely and vibrant it-sneakers and making a meteoric rise. Classic white body and stripes made with green and red is maintained and cool shape of patches like  honey, heart, stars, oriental floral are added, even lightening patch made with crystal and stud of pearl and spike are also created as new season’s symbol of Gucci.

Now we can shop the most powerful and wanted GUCCI sneakers collection below!

1. GUCCI NEW ACE leather sneakers[HERE]
2. GUCCI NEW ACE Watersnake-trimmed leather sneakers[HERE]
3. GUCCI NEW ACE embroidered leather low-top trainers [HERE]
4. GUCCI NEW ACE Sequin-embroidered low-top trainers[HERE]
5. GUCCI NEW ACE embroidered low-top sneaker[HERE
6. GUCCI NEW ACE watersnake-trimmed leather sneakers [HERE]
7.GUCCI NEW ACE  embroidered low-top sneaker[HERE
8. Ace studded leather low-top sneaker[HERE]
9. Ace studded leather low-top sneaker[HERE
10. Ace studded leather low-top sneaker[HERE



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