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January 30, 2017

What to buy for coming spring? Find on YOOX!

As sales are becoming lamer without anything to buy, it is time for us to look towards to the new season without any regrets. The market is already updated with new spring looks that make our hearts skip a beat.
January 22, 2017

Gentle Monster 17 Sunglasses & THE SCENT

Recently, the Gentle Monster flagship store at Hongdae was renewed to a new place with the name, THE SCENT as a lab project that researches different scents. Gentle Monster is the representative designer sunglass brand of Korea and has unique and sensual eyewear products that are leading every trend of the season. 
January 15, 2017

ZARA Sale Haul_Check Pants & Gold Tee

As the New Year 2017 has started, the season sale has come to its maximum. No matter how busy or how tired we are, the SALE sign always brings about this adrenaline. It is a very strong signal especially when the whole store is on sale.  
January 8, 2017

How to wear a Floral Dress in Winter

No matter how cold it is, regardless of the freezing weather, floral print dresses cannot be look past. The female hearts and love for flowers are not affected by the season.
January 6, 2017

Proenza Schouler Leather Biker Jacket & MotherJeans Black Skinny

Sometimes I feel like a very feminine girl but when I see cool and funky wild look like Cara Delevingne or Kate Moss, my heart skips a beat. Even though it is not pretty, on days when I want to become a free, tough, and stylish girl, I think of the wannabe in my heart as I take my leather rider jacket.
January 4, 2017

Zara Floral Skirt with BLK DNM Biker Jacket

Happy New Year 2017 everybody! It is the start of the New Year 2017! I thank all my neighbors that have been with Rekaystyle the past year and even beyond that.