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How to style &other stories dress with accessories in 3 ways!

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My second &other stories shopping daily look following yesterday! Everyone that has ever stopped by &other stories would totally relate, but they have dresses in a variety of styles. From the feminine and lovely styles that are typical of &other, they even have chic and modern styles that have the European vibe!
Rekay chose a basic jersey dress. It is a design that looks luxurious and dressy with the silky and tight material that seems basic. It is also a creamy nude pink color that contains femininity and spring vibes at the same time!

I styled a &other stories dress in three ways to make it look like daily looks with different stories. Based on the accessory and coordination styling, it seems to have changed completely. What style do you like best?

On the basic H-line dress, I added a bold &other stories belt and laid a black formal jacket lightly on the shoulders. The nude pink color may seem to boring or even puffy and weak as a point. Coordinating it with a contrasting deep color like black is needed to catch attention.I coordinated Gentle Monster whip sunglasses, Valenciaga clutch, and my pumps all to the color black to create a sense of unity and also look modern at the same time.

The black jacket is a product of MSGM from direct overseas purchase at It is easy to get it through direct overseas purchase like Revolve, so I am using it pretty often nowadays. Regardless of price, all products are shipped directly for free. When your order is over $200, you can choose to pay the customs tax in advance or later, which makes the payment process a lot convenient. 

Now I took off my jacket and added a glossy gold ball cap from &other stories.
It seems to be better for a warm spring day, right? I often match ball caps on dressy outlooks. With the addition of an unexpected street vibe, it makes you look more stylish! &other stories ball cap has hot pink stitch color on top of the satin material that does not miss out on the femininity!

Since the size is M, it seems a bit too big for me. I think I need to change it to S.

By placing a chunky belt on top of the black jacket, it creates a shape and helps the overall style look more formal. It also looks like the typical Western business look that is strong and disciplined. Personally, I think that this look makes your bodyline look the most beautiful.

Wrapping a belt on top of the jacket is basic but it may be difficult to choose what kind of belt to wear. A thin belt may look feminine but it may make your waist look thicker than it actually is. A thicker belt stabilizes better and creates a thinner waistline. In addition, not closing the jacket buttons but rather to naturally overlap them and putting a blet on top is the way to minimize any puffiness that may arise through holding a tight line.


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