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June 16, 2017

Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps exclusively for

Busy work life, a flu bringing me down these days and tight schedule with a lot of stress! Something that frees me from the stressful life is Jimmy Choo’s new pumps. For any woman, it is probably something that we would like to wear and own once in our life time…
the name Jimmy Choo simply makes our hearts skip a beat. Rekay has also got these Jimmy Choo pumps that she has been dreaming for throughout a life time.

The elegant and graceful line along with the luxurious feeling is the Jimmy Choo signature Romy pumps. This classic design has been launched as a new collection that is sparkling. It cannot be found anywhere else but only at Mytheresa, a German luxury goods direct overseas purchase website. It is an exclusive collection to Mytheresa.

Jimmy Choo glitter line that is designed with a two tone colored glitter gradiation coating from deep charcoal to champagne gold, the moment I saw it I was dazzled. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Are you kidding me?

Mytheresa Jimmy Choo pumps arrived in a beautiful pink package that was simply lovely with a thoughtful thank you card.
In the file with stylish fashion illustrations, there were invoice documents for returning the product. It was definitely great packaging that did not miss out on any details.

Large and small glitters upon the body is very detailed and neat. I see the great product quality of Jimmy Choos.
I never thought of adding another layer to my pumps but for the first time, I had to think about it. Jimmy Choo pumps are definitely something that I would like to preserve well for a long time. Each piece of glitter matters….

The sparkling of the glitter itself is very special but the mix of two colors add more dimension and abundance of colors for sparkle. When you see it in different angles, front, back, and side, they all look different. The gleaming champagne gold color glitter in the front toe line moves my heart with its luxuriousness. It would also be perfect as wedding shoes!

This Mytheresa Jimmy Choo exclusive collection has introduced a total of 5 pump lines including high heels and flats. Of course, Rekay chose a 10cm heel.
The 10cm heels flash a beautiful and dressy line! There is no better line for Rekay who is into high heels. [HERE]

There are more stable options like the 8.5cm or the comfortable 6cm heel. The chic flat line is also very attractive. Can I not have own all of them?
>> For people wondering about sizes, leave a comment!

1. JIMMY CHOO  – Romy 100 [HERE]
2.JIMMY CHOO  – Romy 85 [HERE]
3.JIMMY CHOO  – Romy 60 [HERE]
4. JIMMY CHOO  – Gala Flat [HERE]
5. JIMMY CHOO  – Romy Flat [HERE]

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