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June 24, 2015

Look-at-me, Trouser

I’ll introduce trousers printed with unique pattern.
It being summer, I’m getting interested in bold and splendid pattern and color. In this summer, especially there are many trousers with stripped, grid, and geometric pattern. I wore this time TOPSHOP's Graphic floral patterned peg trouser. (which is on Sale!_HEREBut, patterned trousers? Sounds quite difficult, right? It might look too fancy or old. Also, for girls who have a little chubby legs, It’s a very hard item to try. Anyway, we hardly wear patterned trousers rather than patterned shirt or skirt. 

However, I’ll give you some tips here! ^^

#1. Choose a dark colored background such as black or navy. You will look fat in white background more than you are. 
#2. Remember that complicated pattern can cover your body shape more 
#3. Any other items coordinated with your trousers should be simple and solids color. If you just choose white or black items, you will look rather fancy. The smart way is to choose items which have similar color with the pattern. They will match well. 
#4. If you put on your top wear inside the trousers just like high waist style, you will just get better proportion. 
#5. If you choose material of suit rather than jersey, you will look like a gorgeous city girl not Ajuma.

Luccica’s 2015 bucket bag coordinated with the unique patterned trousers. It’s my first bucket bag and I can call this Must-have item of this season because of its minimal size that I prefer, the practical design and the gorgeousness that anyone can have when he hold it. It is light because it is made of soft Italian cowhide and when you snap the pocket in the middle, the bag will look more gorgeous with higher volume. You can use it like a tote bag and also use it like a cross bag with the long strap if you want to look more casual. I chose a beige color which looks neutral among the white/black/beige color and I think It is basic and nice color that matches well with any style.

Next, Daniel Wellington’s stripedwatch that I often use. It’s my daily watch and I really love it. I think It will get away from my wrist after this summer. It matches well with casual look as well as dressy look. Even my friends got addicted to this watch and sometimes we found that we wear it all together when we meet.


TOPSHOP Stripe Floral Peg Trouser on SALE [HERE]
High Neck Jersey top [SIMILAR]
스터드 앵클 스트랩 하이힐 샌달

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photography by Rekay Woo
photography of me by Lily Yang

post by Rekay Woo.
Snapchat; @rekaystyle
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