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June 28, 2015

The phantom of the opera

Whenever I visit London on a business trip, I promise myself to participate in at least one activity(tourism, I suppose?)

and when I actually arrive in London, I often come back without doing anything because of the tight schedule, terrible energy, and gloomy weather causing fatigue. However, on this business trip, there were some tourism activities that I thought I must participate in. First of them was watching "The Phantom of the Opera" at the London Piccadilly Circus! For me, it is the third musical in London, and as far as I know, it is the second popular musical next to the Lion King, which I had to give up because they always sold out. 

On a dreary and cold day, I was able to buy a 7:30 p.m. weekday ticket luckily on that day at the ticket booth near Piccadilly Circus underground. Whenever I watch musicals, I had thought that it is best way to make a reservation on the Ticket Master site, but if it is during the weekdays or if you have one or two days, I think it’s better to visit the ticket booth located here and there in Piccadilly Circus. But you have to watch out because the seats available and the prices of the respective tickets booths are different, so you want to make comparisons. After finishing a day’s schedule, I FINALLY arrived at Her Majesty’s Theatre, a theatre devoted to The Phantom of The Opera. It’s a 5-minute walk away from the Piccadilly Circus Station. So EXCITED!!!!

Along with the fancy theatre interior decorated with golden colors, the red curtain showing perfect color match with the Phantom of the Opera, and the majestic chandelier, the trademark of the phantom of the opera.  Smaller theatre compared to the Lion King, and it seemed that I could concentrate more. I sat on the slightly left side in front, and I had bought the 71-pound R class ticket for 55 pound after a discount. 

I actually wanted it to be dead-right-center, but it was a satisfactory seat suitable for watching the performance. After the performance began, I was charmed by the acting and the singing of the amazing actors and the fancy, complete performance that I can’t take my eyes off. It was better than any musical that I had watched.

On this day, I styled a lively casual look by matching the white jersey top that I had received as a gift on the Daze Dayz launching party, indigo-colored Top Shop denim skirt, and a tattoo choker. Because of the cold weather, I had to wear Zara’s night utility blazer.  This  jacket presented as a new merchandise along with mid-summer merchandises. Weird, right? Though unsuitable to the season, it is an item that goes along quite well with the denim skirt. 

As a point color, I carried around Zara’s orange oversize suede clutch. Because of the fresh color, it looks like it’s blowing in energy to the cold weather and the dark outfit. Last of all, the glitter Riudavets flat shoes. They seem to glitter more in London’s night sceneries!


TOPSHOP Denim mini skirt [Similar] & [Similar]
DAZE DAYZ White beach top
ZARA Suede Clutch [HERE]
ZARA Utility jacket
RIUDAVETS Glitter Sandal @ALAND Korea

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photography by Rekay Woo
photography of me by Lily Yang

post by Rekay Woo.
Snapchat; @rekaystyle
패션블로거 리케이스타일

location; London, UK

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