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August 12, 2015

Back into Balance_Nike Yoga look

I will introduce a fitness yoga look this time.
Recently Active wear such as yoga pants have become popular in America that there is a new term ‘Athleisure’, mixing the terms ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’. Perhaps so, numerous fashion brands are launching active wear lines, and sports look has become the thing these days. 

If you want to wear something while actually exercising, products with ergonomic design, made from functional fabric might be more proper. Especially for exercises that need flexible positions, like yoga, tension of the fabric is important, and how tightly your body is supported from the cutline wrapping your body and the muscle line is a core point for yoga-looks. Rather than baggy cotton 100% leggings, I suggest fabrics with tighter tension from polyester or nylon. I wore Nike black leggings with wide waistband and black bra tops, and wore a super thin slub jersey top on the bra.

 If you have really good body, you would probably want to wear just leggings and bra tops, but not many have that body. So you probably want to layer what you wear on the upper body. Because you wear it on the bra top, rather than an honest basic tea, wearing tops with deep necklines and armholes that it shows the inner top is less stuffy and gives you the stylish yoga-look. Also, when you do yoga or philates, you have to wear clothing that reveals the waist of your leggings pants. I used to wear long tops because of the awkwardness, but because these are exercises that make you fit, it’s important that you reveal your bodyline. You must, even if you really hate it, reveal the waistline, because it makes you more fit, shows you the movement of your body more, maximizing the effect of the exercise. 

The black color is the best for exercise outfits. Of course styles with fancy patterns and vivid color-blocking really catches your eye, but I think there is nothing better than black color in fitness. Black and a single Nike logo – isn’t that enough? If you think black is too plain and doesn’t stand out, you could give a color point with neon solid.


Nike Black leggings 
Nike Black bra top [HERE] & [HERE]

Grey ant Foundy Sunglass [HERE]

Stay tuned for coming posts!

photography by Kim.

Stay tuned for coming posts!
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