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July 9, 2016


A new posting format on Rekaystyle, I will introduce the Rekaystyle [Monthly Instagram]! It is a post that summarizes photos that have been posted for a month on Rekay’s instagram channel.

 It will be a posting that is more casual and personal compared to ordinary blog posts. It will be comprised of information that I would like to share further with my followers with descriptive explanations and stories. Of course, following Rekaystyle’s Instagram[HERE] would give you the fastest updates!

All of photos taken by IPHONE6 with #VSCO A8 Filter. 

Balmain’s logo t-shirt black from LUISAVIAROMA. It is quite popular and a hot item all over magazines and instagram. It is out in a variety of colors so it was difficult to choose. I chose the simplest color black. I think the logo print is a bit too much and think that white[HERE] would have been prettier considering the season. Still, black would look trendier with a jacket in the fall.


Matched together is Gucci’s Dionysus MiniShoulder bag. I bought this at LUISA last month. Since then, it is my daily bag that I love the most nowadays.

The lace up sandals is a product from 3.1 Phillip Lim [HERE]. Also, a summer favorite that I love nowadays. It has a medium block heel with a simple lace up design. It goes well with everything. From

The gorgeous red colored mini cross-bag is from Marni. It has the perfect shade of red. The light gold metal handle goes perfectly with the red. It is a luxurious and minimal product.

Harmony of Marni’s redsculpture bag with red-pink two-tone nail art. The gold metal handle fits perfectly in my hand. The smooth body line of the sculpture bag is beautiful. It is simple without any unneeded detail. It is refined. Not too fancy but draws your eye. It is the essence of minimalism, the Marni bag.

Phillip Lim’s lace-up sandals that I mentioned earlier look best when matched with ripped light washed color denim. The colors contrast and create a look that highlights your feet.

Long time no see, Bover Lounge in Myungdong. The white marble tables and flower decorations are gorgeous as always. It is a latte I’ve waited 20 minutes for. However, understandable considering the latte art. 

CHLOE's HUDSON BAG with me today. I have never seen a bag better than this for bohemian vintage. I awe at the intricate quality every time.

My three-layer cancan pleats long skirt that I wore earlier this year at New York and forgot about. Last time, I was shivering wearing this, but now it has found its perfect season! The light and cheerful movements of the pleats skirt go perfectly with H&M’s light blue blouse with feminine lace. This creates the ultimate feminine look!

When I go to work, I am too lazy to dress up. It seems like it is best to wear something comfortable. Thankfully, since I work at a fashion company, you are free to wear whatever you desire. On weekdays when I go to work, I prefer to wear comfortable and simple attire rather than something formal. Jeans or slacks rather than skirts and t-shirts over dresses. 

Today I am wearing Topshop’s boyfriend denim with wash shirt. In addition, Phillip Lim’s lace-up sandals and Balenciaga’s canvasclutch to make the grand finale.