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August 24, 2016

Back to School_Basic styling with JOSEPH

Even though season trends are overflowing, there are the basic items that are receiving continuous love from the fashion people under the title [signature]. Since they are basic, it is easy to match them around here and there and is easy to wear anytime daily.
In addition, it is the stable base that supports the fancy hot trends of the season. It is literally the most cost-effective fashion item. With the basic items, it is a fact that the amount of time you spend wondering about what you wear can be decreased to the minimum. Do not forget.

Today fashion blogger Rekaystyle coordinated a fall casual daily look that is ordinary yet with some edge with a basic fall knit and skinny jeans. 

The moment you see it, it is the JosephCashmere Henry Neck knit top in the perfect shade of burgundy that makes you awe. With the light and sensitive good quality cashmere knit, the feeling as it wraps around your body is amazing. The slim fit silhouette with the Moroccan Henry Neck design, it is the basic style of simple and modern look. Shop [HERE]

You can wear it in a formal way by buttoning it up the top or can open a few buttons to make it a bit more casual and chic. With the basic fit, it can be coordinated to the basics with pants or skirts or I also recommend wearing it with slip dresses or dungarees for a trendy layered look.

The regular knits that can be found in stores are usually a bit lacking due to the shorter sleeves or the shorter length of the knit overall even though they are the basics. However, in the case of Joseph’s knit, it is long enough that it gives you a comfortable fit. Especially, this year long sleeves are the trend, so sleeves that kind of cover your hand look warmer and make your arms look longer and slimmer! So keep that in mind. 

1. JOSEPH Spring Cashmere Sweater[HERE
2.JOSEPH Spring Cashmere V Neck Cardigan Sweater[HERE]

3. JOSEPH Cashair Moroccan Neck Top[HERE]
4.JOSEPH Transparent Roll Neck Knit[HERE
5. JOSEPH Compact Boiled Knit High Neck Sweater[HERE]

The Tribeca watch from Wonderlust, an Australian brand that Rekay is wearing on a daily basis. The black body and gold metal’s color combination is a great with the F/W season, don’t you think? The oversize face demonstrates a chic and sophisticated city girl style and can also be a part of simply casual looks. I definitely recommend it as a daily watch.
For the vintage mood, I put it on top of a think knit. It is a great accessory to style with. 

The national jeans aka Miss A/ Suzy jeans, Guess 6128 skinny jeans.
It was ranked as number one among jeans with its glorious fit from the real best item categories that Cosmopolitan’s power influencer group of 300 people chose. The size seems tiny as my palm and I doubted that it would fit. However, the surprising stretch completes a fit that perfectly matches my body.

The soft yet elastic fabric grabs all of your extra flab and corrects your figure. It is a smart skinny jean and as a result, it deserves the name ‘national skinny jeans’. The vintage washing color creates a natural and fancy casual denim look. Go check out Guess fall jean photo shoot.[HERE]

The hottest shoe line of this fall season, middle heel pumps.

The round shoe cap that comes up high over the top of the foot is from Joseph. It is the it shoe that is perfect to demonstrate the modern vintage look. With the circular column chunky middle heel of unusual rubber material and the contrast between the leather makes a modern vibe. It is a design with special sensations that cannot be found easily. It goes well with denim and retro items like midi skirts and wide pants to demonstrate its full potential in style.
>> SHOP Joseph Pumps [HERE]


JOSEPH Cashiair Moroccan Neck Top [HERE
GUESS Skinny Jeans NO.6127 [HERE]
JOSEPH Leather Pumps[HERE]
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