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September 30, 2016

Calvin Klein Trench Coat with Sculpted Jeans

The item that we think of when it is fall! It is the emotional fall trench coat. Today’s daily look is a trend coat styling with the classic and chic English vibe to create an alluring fall fashion.
It is a difference from the usual hard and formal feeling of trench coats but rather coordinated with a casual over fit check shirt and slim skinny jeans to style a more vibrant and funky trench look.

Calvin Klein’s trench coat is a light sand beige color with black double breast design buttons. It is a design with CK’s specialty- the design that conveys the urban and modern mood. The coat itself can be displayed in a formal and elegant way so it would go well with dresses or suits in a feminine way. It also goes pretty well with casual denim looks like the daily look of Rekay today.

With a soft material that isn’t heavy, the dropping line is more natural. When the waist belt is tied, there is no puffy feeling and rather a natural volume. It seems to have a more feminine mood compared to hard material.

As the fall season is coming back, I find myself looking for skinny jeans that have been tucked away in the summer. Black skinny jeans are always the best one item that give us the perfect skinny fit. With the special feeling of arrangement of the color black itself, the match with a slightly over fit top creates the ultimate slim fit.

I wore the Calvin Klein Sculpted Jean that recently received a lot of attention at the recent Calvin Klein fall preview. It is a product that was created to fit the bodyline of Asians. The back part of the pants was designed to be a bit longer to create a voluminous hip up line as well as to make your legs look longer. The structural designed fit of the sculpted jean is increasing activity and makes your body look slim with a strong stretch. The overall vintage washing creates a deeper skinny fit. Love it!

Red check shirts with the funky London street vibe. It is a mandatory fall item. Among the various check patterns and colors, I see a lot of big check patterns that use color gradation with a more vintage mood this year. Thick check shirts with a wool feeling look fancy even when just worn like an outer.

The item that Rekay wore is from Wonderplace’s PB Brand LBSM/ LUCKY BLUE SMITH. It was designed for men however it is great to style as over fit. Even though the popular wide sleeve line is not designed, the opening of the sleeve button produces a natural wide fit! Two birds, one stone!

I chose black as the coordination color to emphasize the beige coat and red check. With the one black color, the overall tone is organized and it adds the funky London street vibe. Rayban’s round sunglasses that cannot be excluded from the fancy retro mood and the modern satchel bag that has a color match of black and rose gold is a product of Calvin Klein.

My personal excessive love for my black skinny scarf never ceases. It is a product from Zara, when matched with a casual look; it can form a feminine and dressy reverse styling.

The daily watch that is accompanying Rekay’s fall season. It is a product from the Australian brand, Wonderlust Watch. It was recently launched in Koera and is receiving a lot of attention in the Korean market. With its classic and basic design as well as sensual urban concept, it is a watch that I am enjoying daily regardless of style.

The line I wore is The Williamsburg line that holds the theme of New York. It is a all black design that minimizes any glamor and adds pose. It would also look great with white shirts or cashmere knits.


Calvin Klein Trench coat #J201158A
Calvin Klein Sculpted Skinny Jeans #J201159
LBSM Lucky Blue Smith by Wonderplace Red check shirt
RAYBAN Icons Sunglass [HERE]
WANDERLUST WATCH The Williamsburg Watch [HERE]

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