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October 27, 2016

Rekay Goes Spain! (Worst flight experience of Air France)

Hello Rekaystyle neighbors! I am back from my ten-day trip to Spain with numerous difficulties safe and sound. I visited the main cities of Spain- Barcelona and Madrid. Although it was a vacation spot that many people recommended to me, it was great but… there were also a lot of disappointments.

 People that see Rekay’s instagram would know, Oh my God! The worst situation happened as my luggage went missing. When I look through the situation, there are some parts of the incident in which I cannot understand at all and make me rage. In conclusion, I have encountered the worst customer service and attitude of Air France through this incident.

I have finished my ticketing through Asiana Airlines (Incheon-Paris-Barcelona) and Asiana Airlines that does not have a direct flight to Barcelona had to stop at Paris to transfer to an Air France flight to Spain. I made the full payment to Asiana Airlines and the only baggage checkin tag was also Asiana’s however they asked me to check up with Air France for the luggage. Asiana claimed that they sent the baggage over while Ari France and Barcelona were not connected. Is there any system we can trust completely?

Anyways, for those reasons, Rekay’s luggage went missing for five days and arrived on the second last day before leaving to Madrid from Barcelona. The travel daily looks of Rekay at Barcelona were a mess. I only had one pair of jeans, a shirt, jacket, and a pair of shoes that I was wearing. I had to do some last minute shopping here and there (there is no place to shop at Spain.) and the original travel plans were all messed up as well. You would understand the feeling, right? No need for explanation.

Air France did not send a single notice about how to make a claim about the five days delay and provided a wonderful service asking me to do whatever I need to do after they simply got me my bag. Anyways, what is important and comforts me is that I at least found my bag. And through this travel experience, important things should be carried by hand despite the inconveniences. In addition, I’m never taking Air France ever again.

 Although Air France messed up my mood through most part of the travelling at Barcelona, Rekay tried her best to enjoy the vacation at Spain. Visiting famous tourist spots and posting daily looks through last minute shopping and chilling at the hotel (most of the time was emailing and calling Air France) and also being excited and mesmerized by the beauty and luxuriousness of Europe’s beauty and history. The lively view of the hot tourist spots of the cities Barcelona and Madrid will be posted through daily look posts and YouTube travel vlogs.

In between the travelling, I often posted photos and video stories on Rekaystyle Instagram. I also made a prologue video of the travel vlogs with the short video clips. People who missed my instagram stories can watch with this. The quality is really bad since I took it with my iPhone. I recommend you watch it on desktop computer. The official Spain travel video will be of better quality since it was taken with DSLR! This is soon to be updated, so please wait!

I will introduce two new Rekaystyle items that were accompanying me through this trip. First of all, it is the 3.1 Phillip Lim blopper that I purchased through Avenue32. It is a modern slipper shoes that have a color strap detail upon the brown colored suede material. First of all, it is very comfortable that it is perfect for travelling in which you have to walk around on foot all day long. Of course, the trendy and stylish feature is a bonus!

Secondly, a must-have item sunglasses! I got Dior’s sunglasses at a 30% discounted price at a glasses shop at Barcelona. Dior is a no sale brand in Korea. There were a variety of items from this year’s S/S to F/W new items. I was able to see an amazing scene in which the heart design SO REAL and SPLIT were all on sale. Dior’s sunglasses that has been on my wish list for long has finally come to Rekay. It would be great for people that will visit Spain to add it on their shopping list!

 Food posts from Spain are a must, right? I did not plan for food but I am going to introduce some great restaurants around Barcelona and Madrid that are certified through local recommendations and long lines exceeding a hundred meters! Of course, I will also have a list of not recommended spots that were failures or of false rumors.

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