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January 22, 2017

Gentle Monster 17 Sunglasses & THE SCENT

Recently, the Gentle Monster flagship store at Hongdae was renewed to a new place with the name, THE SCENT as a lab project that researches different scents. Gentle Monster is the representative designer sunglass brand of Korea and has unique and sensual eyewear products that are leading every trend of the season. 
Their unlimited and innovative designs as well as the natural feeling of Gentle Monster created a new scent that never existed elsewhere in the world. THE SCENT. In addition, it was a time where I could experience Gentle Monster’s newly revealed 2017 S/S collection

The grand heart of THE SCENT, the distiller is placed in the first floor of the Gentle Monster Hongdae flagship store. I looked into it thinking that it might be a simple installation or for display. I was able to see clearly the work notes and ingredients for creating scents and the process of distilling them into perfumes in real time.

What would be the scent made from a sunglass brand like Gentle Monster? How would their scents be different from the scents of various fashion brands and designers? How would Korea’s scent have been designed?

Looking at the various ingredients next to the distiller, I found the answer to my questions. The special ingredient selection of Gentle Monster was truly amazing. It was different from existing floral and fruity ingredients. The ingredients were perilla leaves, haribo, and nurungji (scorched rice)! I was amazed at how they would have come up of such an idea and how these ingredients can come together to create an appealing scent. It was just amazing that I could feel the scents that I can easily find around me whenever I want. It was also fun as I expected!

On the third floor, I could find where the pure liquid distilled in the first floor is matured and brought together to create a new scent. There was an area for this scent creation. Ingredients from our daily lives were mixed to become a perfume that reminds us of a moment or emotion in our daily lives to fill up a side of the wall.

Oh my dog, pencil, broccoli, dirt fight, mocha bread, and smell of my grandma were expressed in the form of scent. As soon as you picked one up, you would laugh a bit and say, “This is it!” It was like a potion. It was like a goblin perfume that brings about past moments that I have experienced and close items or smells. What would be a scent from my daily life that I would like to keep?

The velvet shirt in the picture is the best selling shirt of LPA that I got through overseas direct purchase on Revolve. It is the same brand product as the velvet dress that I introduced to you from the end-of-the-year party look. This winter I am all into velvet and am collecting the best velvet items. How can this look so special when it is simply adding velvet to the basic line? 

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In photo above: LPA Velvet Shirts[HERE] , TOPSHOP Jeans [HERE], PROENZA SCHOULER PS1[HERE]

We can’t overlook the new 2017 spring sunglass collection along with THE SCENT of Gentle Monster, right? In today’s event, Eric Nam as well as models Sora Choi and Jini Lee came to the event to congratulate the renewal of Gentle Monster’s Hongdae store. Everyone became upgraded to fashion people with Gentle Monster’s sunglasses!

Gentle Monster is also Rekay’s personal favorite sunglass brand. Their ability to read the trend and vibes are beyond words and beyond all, their funky and witty designs make sunglasses not simple accessories but upgrade them to become the central, most important styling item.

Lastly, it is the fit of sunglasses on Korean people that can be trusted. Although I would like to wear Rayban sunglasses in a stunning way but felt uncomfortable like sunglasses slipping down and not being stable, I would also like to recommend Gentle Monster not only for their design but also fit.

Not a single moment of boredom, lots of fun wearing sunglasses at the Gentle Monster show room on the second floor that is like a treasure mine. Since there are a variety of unique sunglasses, I was busy to try out all of them. The season’s hot new item, Flatbar Scarlet worn by Gongyu as well as Keywest worn by GD and the 2017 HBA collaboration lines were all things that I would have loved to pick up.

Shall we take a look at the 2017 sunglass trend?

Again certified at the trend leader Gentle Monster’s show room, I can proudly say that the sunglass trend of this spring is the flat bar shape of Gentle Monster that has a flat lense shape that has been cut straight without any curve as well as the comeback of color sunglasses from the 80s. A cool retro look is completed with retro color tint sunglass and the vintage color tone of the body and smaller lense! Mirror lense is still the strong trend sunglass of the year. Strong colors seemed to be avoided while urban silver or monotone mirrors are seen more often.



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