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January 8, 2017

How to wear a Floral Dress in Winter

No matter how cold it is, regardless of the freezing weather, floral print dresses cannot be look past. The female hearts and love for flowers are not affected by the season.
Today fashion blogger Rekaystyle is going to introduce moderate color tone and accessory coordination just right for winter that you do not look too cold. It is a distinctive winter season floral dress look.

The reason Rekay falls for floral prints is probably because of the feminine feeling bestowed by floral patterns. It definitely makes our hearts thump more than when we wear simple, basic, and boring clothes. Just like good shoes lead us to good places, wearing a cute floral dress makes us feel like something good is going to happen.

The winter pattern dress has a distinctive different color from the spring/summer season. Although it is thin, the background is of a dark tone to give it more depth. There are also color tones with strong contrast rather than soft pastel tones. Thus, it is also easy to coordinate with dark outers like the color black. If it even has a neat and warm looking high-neck design, then it is given a pass as the perfect beautiful winter dress without any further wait.

Rekay’s floral dress is from Zara. The A-line dress fit with frills on the chest and neckline makes it look adorable but also not so adorable at the same time with the color black and sexy floral pattern.

Adding winter vibes to your floral dress!

Tie a deep gold metallic skinny scarf into a bow tie to add color and a glamorous mood.
Wear Zara’s fake fur color block scarf like a shawl. It’s still beautiful even though I lost it in Tokyo. With the addition of the fur, increase the seasonal vibes and conclude with the floral prints and the red Marni bag. [ HERE]

Zara’s velvet boots that have a more luxurious attractiveness with the deep wine color. Even though it is a simple basic ankle line, the material velvet makes it the hottest it shoes of the season. (You can get it at a cheaper price- Zara is on sale right now!) The width of the shoe is a bit tight. It was a bit uncomfortable for me during the photo shoot but enduring all the pain, it has adjusted to my feet.)

I totally agree to what my mom said, “You’ll freeze to death trying to look pretty.” It would be better to wear black stockings instead of bare legs with boots for the winter.


ZARA Floral pattern dress
ZARA Gold Skinny Scarf & Fake Fur Scarf
ZARA Velvet Ankle boots [HERE]
MARNI Scuplture Shoulder bag  [HERE]
CELINE Gold Earring


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