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May 7, 2017

Seoul Hotspot | Market O Apgujeong | Great Taste with healthy dishes!

The time when my new Wonderlust The West End silver metal clock chimes 7:30 PM, Rekay ends my endless shopping Apgujeong, Market O waiting quietly for her dinner. I often stop by Market O when I go to Apgujeong, Seoul
but I think there is no better place than here to talk quietly with a friend and enjoy food. (I also see celebrities whenever I go.) It is not too busy and since it is managed by a large company, there is great service. Above all, there are unique menus that you can only get at Market O. Don’t be surprised!

The menu that Rekay ate today was,

Avocado Salad: Rekay’s standard pick! It is not the kind of greasy avocado salad that you can eat often. With a roasting peanut sauce and pork belly, a Korean flair is added. I definitely think that old people would enjoy it and since it is made with local ingredients, it is something we can eat with relief. I am definitely filled with this salad.

Shrimp Garlic Rice: The aroma of garlic and plump shrimp has met together to produce a light and neat taste. Since it is not heavily seasoned, it was easier to eat. I was wondering between a risotto and this but I ended up emptying the whole bowl.

Chili Gambas: It is a new menu of Market O, it is a simple appetizer. A visually appetizing thick tomato sauce is definitely great. The slight heat from the chili is also a great pick. It is definitely the best dish of the day. Dip some thick bread into it or just spoon it into your mouth. Seeing the photo right now, makes my mouth water. It is definitely addictive. Eating it with red wine, it goes perfectly.

Market O

Address91-6 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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