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September 24, 2017

GUCCI Chain Jordann Loafer Unboxing

The classic among all classics. I finally got chain Gucci loafers! These babies were the ultimate shoes that was on Rekay’s wish list.

I chose these as my new shoes for fall and also my birthday that is coming up. Matchesfashion has a variety of promotions right now so I was able to get it the at the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way possible.

I ordered this on Matches last Sunday and got it on Wednesday morning through DHL! I was so satisfied by the great delivery.
Opening the Matches box, I found a different packaging. Of course, the box packages from Matches have always been luxurious and practical. But this time, they have especially put on a 30 year anniversary sticker with new patterns. What a beauty.
Inside the neatly wrapped box, there were information about the item and steps for refunds. 

>Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer[HERE]

These are Gucci’s black leather Jordaan loafers with a special luxurious aura. The neat almond toe silhouette and the minimal details of the stack hill design has been created in Italy. It has been completed with an antique gold tone metal horsebit decoration. It is a modern item that can be styled with anything.

If I just have one, it is the Gucci loafer that I think I would be able to wear anywhere. Even though it has gone old, shoes are never look past in the style or trend. Trendy and fancy designs always catch our eyes but the depth and technique of the basic classic is a fashion code that can never be look past. That said, I always wanted Gucci loafers and I am delighted that I finally have it.

It is a basic loafer that is mannish and a bit boring but the slim line creates such a beautiful and feminine aura. It would go well with feminine dresses or fitting denim. The subtle sheen of the leather is surprisingly soft and lovely. The majestic Gucci loafer is bound to be matched with every outfit of Rekay this fall.

>>The size seems to be a bit larger than regular sizes.