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November 13, 2017

How to style a velvet ball cap with Gucci Marmont Bag

Ball caps are just like punk kids! They are nowadays one of the hottest accessories on the street. Polo hats that were once casually worn are no longer the same.

These hats have been recreated with luxurious and fashionable material and designs into new ball caps to become a practical item that can go along with a variety of outfits.

Although Rekay was never a fan of ball caps, she could not pass out on trendy, velvet material ball caps. They give a strong point in style and it seems to give the finishing touches to a fashion people look. 

Today, I will introduce to you Rekay’s autumn daily look- a style with hand knitted knit top with Bohemian vibes and a feminine ball cap.

The chunky hand knitted knit is a product I got from the Zara sale last summer. Since it was the opposite season, I got it at a very cheap price. 

I finally tried it on after it has been three months since I bought it. Doesn’t the ethnic color patterns go well with fall? The overfit silhouette is also very stylish. 

I wore a basic black turtleneck t-shirt inside to give a warm and vintage feeling. The retro turtleneck style is a basic coordination that you must wear this season.

With the vintage color tones, tone your style up in a modern yet cute way with the pink Gucci GG Marmont mini bag! The flower pink color is so lovely that it styles up any look with a
girlish vibe.

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As the soft and dressy velvet has become the material for a casual ball cap- doesn’t it feel very different?

Even though it does not have any decorations, the material itself creates a very nice finish to the velvet ball cap. Because of the feminine vibes from velvet, it seems to go perfectly with the silky maxi frill dress.

When you wear a ball cap, it seems to look more natural and stylish when you pluck a few strands of hair out of the hat.

Rather than tucking all your hair behind your ear, pulling some hair out to touch your chin makes your face look smaller and more feminine.

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