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March 13, 2018


A new line of bags were launched from LPA. I shared an unboxing video on Rekaystyle Instagram story but if you missed it, press the [WHAT I SHOP] story on Rekaystyle’s Instagram! [HERE]
The GIA BAG was launched in five different colors and although it seems a bit early, I went by the 18 S/S by selecting a color with raffia wheat straw webbing body and black leather.[here]

The red color[here] was also a beauty, which made me indecisive till the last minute but I figured that this color looks more natural and chic. It is easy to match here and there. Also this would be perfect for my vacation to Sydney next week.


I checked Revolve’s Instagram Story and saw that there was a launching party for the LPA GIA bag. There were so many famous celebrities on camera and boy, I have to say they have a different vibe to them. 

Classic, dressy, and lovely styling of these GIA bags!


I will now show you some more details.
The size is just a bit larger than a mini bag. The outer part of the bag is comprised of tightly woven raffia straw and smooth leather. Inside is finished with soft suede. You can open and close with the magnet.

Rekay personally finds the tote handle to be a showstopper. It is not too casual but also feminine. In addition, the shoulder strap contributes to a more active and cute style.

Another reason why Rekay is into this GIA bag
The unexpected half-cylinder shape. This is such a great idea. I often take around cylinder shaped bags but when you wear them, don’t you feel like they bounce off? 

But the GIA bag is a half-cylinder shape that drops straight down, which is more comfortable. It is a more stable and comfortable style.

Rekay’s first GIA bag style! I matched a stylish wide straight fit denim jeans from bemuse- mansion with a classic Isabel Marant double button jacket. 

What I was wearing:
Isabel marant etoile Jacket
Bemuse_mansion Wide leg jeans[here]
ZARA printed top
GUCCI Marmont pumps [here]
LPA Gia Bag [HERE]

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