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March 23, 2018

Sydney QVB | Burberry trench coat & Chanel Slingback shoes

The second daily look of my trip to Sydney is the timeless classic, Burberry trench coat look.
It is a timeless classic exceeding generations and is the textbook for heritage looks and luxuriousness. It is the signature fashion item Burberry trench coat. It was always on Rekay’s wishlist and I finally got it.

Since it was a bit early for the season, it had to be waiting in my wardrobe for some time. But after I booked my trip to Sydney, I knew it was the time to get this out and wear it. 
The Burberry trench coat that I bought was made with very light material, which is why it has a more light and casual mood rather than a classic and formal feeling. It was summer in Sydney but it was great to wear on gloomy days or during the night.

 The empowering look of the Burberry trench coat!
I personally love this photo. The beige color that represents the Burberry trench coat itself is elegant. The slight check patterns inside are also fancy.

The length that drops to the hips is a lighter and younger feeling, don’t you think? I can wear it on a daily basis like a jacket, which is why this length is quite practical. Other than winter, I think I will be able to wear this throughout spring, summer, and fall.

 I coordinated this with some white shorts today. Buttoning up and tying the waist strap, it looks like I wore a trench dress. It is so dressy and feminine.

I matched Chanel’s two tone sling back that perfectly complements the beige tone. These Chanel sling back shoes go well with any outfit but matching these with the Burberry trench
coat makes a perfect color and atmosphere. I liked it!

 Rekay’s Burberry trench coat was purchased at Chungdam Burberry store during the holidays. I tried to find a link but I can’t find the same product. I found a similar casual midi length trench coat instead. The second Burberry product is similar to the one I am wearing in terms of material.

1.[here] / 2.[here] 3.[here]

On my overall warm tone look, I added a spicy contrast color point with blue tinting sunglasses from Stephane Christian. Adding a bit of blue widens the range of colors and adds a cool breeze.

It seems that my love for this Chloe bag will continue this year as well. The new 18 S/S bags of Chloe are also beautiful.
>Check out Chloe’s new bags of 2018[here]

What I was wearing:
Burberry Trench Coat [similar]
Chloe Georgia Bag [similar
CHANEL Tow tone slingback shoes/ similar zara [here]
TOPSHOP White short [here]
Stephan Christian sunglass [here]
The parkji necklace [here] / similar mango [here]

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