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May 27, 2018

Burberry Trench Coat over Self_portrait Dress in Sydney Opera House

It’s been quite long since I posted on Sydney! Today’s post is probably the highlight of my trip to Sydney- the romantic #SelfPortrait summer dress look shot at the Opera House and Harbour bridge.
It has been a few months since my trip but the season of Australia finally fits the season of Korea now. Above all, the photos of my trip are not only great for myself but is a post that my readers, you all, can enjoy while resting. I put a lot of time into these posts more than anything!

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The highly anticipated outfit of my whole trip to Sydney, the self portrait dress.

This is the look I would like to dedicate to the Sydney Opera House. It would be a simple tourist place for people but for me as a person who’s lived in Sydney, it is the place of many memories and romance, which is why I especially prepared this look. The fact that I was standing there at the same spot in years seemed to move my heart a bit.

The Self Portrait dress truly makes you feel like a special person once you wear it. Any obvious lace dress is made different when it is made by Self Portrait. With the unique material and intricate details, it is the brand that creates the perfect clothes that is desired by the elegant and refined modern day women.

My Burberry Trench Coat draped over the Self Portrait dress.
What do you think of the contrasting classic trench over the romantic and feminine dress? Rather than any fancy details, this brings out the chic mood by adding a neat, refined look.

LPA’s Rattan bucket bag that livens up the day dress vibe.
It is a feminine tote bag style yet the natural rattan material of summer goes perfectly with the style of the day. Rattan bags are definitely the most trendy bag that you should not miss out on this summer, so make sure to get your hands on one!

The satin material sandals are from Etro. The ribbon details across the foot and thin high heels are the perfect Cinderella shoes for your romantic look.

What I was wearing:

Self-Portrait Lace Midi Dress
Burberry Trench Coat
Etro Sandals