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September 11, 2018


@JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa [here]

I finally brought to you all, the post about my four day trip to JW Marriott Phu Quoc Vietnam. It was a short trip, however since the trip was to the best JW Marriott around the world with wonderful influencers, can you imagine the number of photos I took?
I had so many beautiful photos incomparable to any other trip that I had to take a lot of time to choose and edit. This post probably has the most photos among all Rekaystyle postings. I think this amazing and wonderful scenery and design cannot be all shown in these photos. From the minute I landed to every moment, it was simply paradise on earth. I introduce to you JW Marriott Phu Quoc.

Hey come on over, isn’t it your first time to Phu Quoc?

I only knew Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City when I thought of Vietnam, I never knew Phu Quoc even existed. I thought that the vacation spots in Southeast Asia would all be similar to each other. Rekay did not do much preparation. I did not go by direct flight but laid over at Ho Chi Minh (with a bit of unexpected delay from bad weather) and eventually took 10 hours to Phu Quoc. I left my house in the early morning and when I arrived it was very late at night. Am I in South East Asia? The joy of the trip was gone as I took the hotel bus to leave the airport with my tired body.
But after 15 minutes, I arrived at a grand building that looked like a palace. Is this the JW Marriott? The amazing scene just washed all my exhaustion away. I had no regrets coming here.

 Bill Bensly is the man that created this amazing JW Mariott Phu Quoc. He apparently had an infinite budget for designing his hotel. Since all the aspects of the hotel were added without a limit on budget, I could experience the best of the best of a 5 star luxury hotel design. The architecture of 1980s French universities were used as a motif for the hotel and made me feel as if I am inside a real college. It was full of fun and witty designs. From the interior that reflects the history and tradition of a prestigious university, the hotel actually provides a variety of curriculum and activities like a real school. So make yourselves at school and settle down. But first, let me get some nice shots.

Deluxe Emerald Bay View

The room Rekay checked into was the anatomy room of JW Marriott Phu Quoc.
Since it is a university concept, the names of the majors are written on each building. Is red the point here since it is about anatomy? The concept doesn't matter at all. I was gasping at everything. From the classic French mood and the exotic mood of Vietnam created this lively luxury vacation spot.  (I used my iPhone to take a panorama shot but it is actually larger than it looks.) I bet anyone could have a very romantic time on their anniversary or honeymoon.
There is a large closet and bathroom behind the bed with two washbasins and a romantic bath tub and a green view. The view that I saw on instagram is right here.
The window sheds so much sunlight in the morning. (My room is on the first floor.) Just lying down and watching made me feel so much better. There is a small terrace outside the window and you can walk down to the beach.


Phu Quoc’s Pristine beach is also known as the hidden gem of Vietnam. The white sand that creates this ‘ice cream beach’ was so memorable. Unlike the crowded and loud beaches of Southeast Asia, it was extremely quiet and clean- perfect for rest. I wanted to come back once more before it became too famous.
 There are a total of three pools at JW Marriott Phu Quoc. There were not many people and also had a separate adult pool. I was able to enjoy a quiet swim. Of course, I did not miss out on taking a great shot with the beautiful sunbed and beach towel.

Left > DazeDayz Signature Design! Check plunge Dress! Wearing this I understood why this is so famous. Simply chic and would look beautiful on anyone![here]
Right> Red is the answer for photos! The lively color and the trendy stripes just covered up my body. This is a new item this season but it is already a bestseller![here]


The joy that you cannot miss out on trips. It is hotel breakfasts. JW Marriott had a wide variety of breakfast menus that were very fresh. I never missed out on breakfasts every day. From the original Vietnamese rice noodles to European bakery (amazing bread!) and even Korean food! I could not help but splurge from the morning on breakfast.

Since there was not any local café or restaurant around the resort, I had to eat by breakfast and dine at the 5 restaurants and bars inside the resort. From casual American to traditional French, there was a variety that was ready to keep me satisfied for my 5 day trip here.

 Now, this is the pink pearl! I had rave reviews after uploading this photo on my instagram.

I felt like I was in a (rich) doll’s house. I could not take my eyes off the photogenic highlight pink pearls of the beautiful JW Marriott. It was a French restaurant that took my heart from the wonderful interior before even trying the food that the chef was disappointed. There is a terrace that has a sea view in the 2nd floor. The restaurant also hosts performances by French artists. Make sure to pack a lot of pretty clothes~


About 10 minutes by car from the hotel, I arrived at SUNWORLD. I took the longest cable car over the sea in the world here and flew over the sea. I felt the speed more than I expected and watching the Phu Quoc sea over the horizon was pretty romantic. The destination of the cable car was Hon Tam Island. It was a small island still under development. Make sure to take the swings on the coconut trees at the beach after taking the cart.

The spa of JW Marriott is very famous. It was an amazing spa that was one of the best indulgences throughout my whole trip. The atmosphere and facilities of the spa need I say, the masseuse are also amazing. I definitely recommend this. There are not many masseuse so you definitely need to make a reservation once you arrive.