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June 14, 2015

Something more than Basic

This post is about the daily look in London of June. This is a basic and simple look that you can wear casually everyday rather than too fancy dressed up.

With a casual summer denim shirt dress from &other stories, a comfy flat shoes, and a Maison Margiela leather shoulder bag in gentle camel brown.Because of the chilly weather in London than expected, I didn't dare to take out all the summer tropical clothes that I packed. Instead, I bought this denim shirt dress from &other stories once I start a shopping in London. The long-sleeve shirt dress will protect you from the chilly wind but also you can surely wear it even in hot summer if you just ropp up the sleeves. It's a MUST-HAVE item at the change of seasons. Personally, I prefer to wear loose fit shirts. You will look gorgeous when you wear it slightly loose like me, and you can make it dressy when you tighten a belt or string. Also, you can just slip on the dress like an outerwear. One more, don't miss the charming point of this dress which is following a recent trend. That is the the side slit and round hem of the shirt.

Beyond the Oxford street near my hotel whcih was so crowed with tourists and international shoppers, there was a little hotspot named Saint Christopher Place glittering like a jewel. When I entered there, I found a amazing place and my eyes just couldn't help fixing on it. It was 28-50, a wine shop technically.

28-50 was named based on the idea that the most wine in the world is being produced in the degree between 28 and 50. We can expcet a professional selection of wine but the most enjoyable thing was just the sihgt of the bar which was uniquely designed with a triangle shape. The tranparent and even shining glass of wine which were displayed above the bar. That was so impressive! Plus, the oak colored wine box, the retro colored chairs and the design of the tile in the floor looked all sick! Besides wine, you can also enjoy some drinks like coffee or tea and the French dishes. So if you want to get away from the busy Oxford St. and need a chilling time with a cup of latte, don't hesitate to visit this gorgeous place!
15-17 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NE, United Kingdom

Let me introduce my new leather shoulder bag from Maison Margiela. This one is effortless basic style but it has something more than it. Radiating its charm endlessly, this is one of the few bags that I really wanted to have. First of all, I can see the simple and tidy shape without any detail and the natural camel brown color. Also when I touch this, I can feel the softness and solidness of its leather. This great quality will surely attract our mind as well as its basic style.

Even I fell in love with this “Unforced Chic” at first sight. After researching a lot, I finally found the website which sells it at the cheapest price, SSENSE.  Moreover, I got a 20% discount. So I bought this baby just for US$ 1,125. I figured out that this is selling at 990 pounds in department stores in UK with no discount. What a remarkable gap! Shopping online is the best choice!

Today I checked the website again and found that the brown one is already sold out and there remains only 2 orange ones with 50% discount at $703. When I saw the orange one, it looked so pretty and the color was rather deep orange like the Celine's orange box bag. I think it's also good to buy especially it you want to hold a bag that gives a charming point to your daily look. You can also buy the orange one is SHOPBOP with 30% discount. But there is only one left. If you still want the brown one, check this website, LOUISAVIAROMA. It was so hard to find out but finally I found that it's on sale with 30% discount. Through this website, you can buy more easily becuase the price already includes shipment fee and tax.  [HERE ON SALE] @ LUISAVIAROMA 


Which bag is the most necessary for a fahsion blogger? That is the very bag that you can stuff many things into as much as possible. Before a blogger, as a woman, I have to carry many itmes inside my bag. iphone, sunglass, some essential cosmetics, wallet, car key and so on! THere are too many. Micro mini bags that used to be popular at the moment are just lusurious to me. Not practical at all.

Maison Margiela has enough space 3times more than see outside becuase of it accordion side design. It has 3 different shaped pockets. Arranging stuff inside your bag? That is NO PROBLEM with this bag. Next, More simple design, better for you. Simple & basic bag is what you can put on regardless of season and for a long time. Also you can never ingnore the weight of bags. Even though the Alexander Wang's duple bag looks gorgeous, I don't want to suffer hardships on my shoulders when I hold it. And if you select a designer's bag or fashion house's, you can be a fashionable trend setter, rather than just brand bags armed with big logos.

One more thing I bought is this Balenciaga wallet from Matches Fashion officeline in London. About this, I will tell more in a post about Matchesfashion next time. Its size is like a mini clutch's and it is fit perfectly for my Margiela bag. It has a design of motor bag which is the signature of Balenciaga. I used to use small (half sized) wallets, so it's my first long wallet ever. I think that Balmain's simple sunglasses also matched well with the basic style of the day.


Masion Margiela Leather shoulder bag [HERE] & [HERE ON SALE] @ SSENSE
**Brown color: Masion Margiela Leather shoulder bag  [HERE ON SALE] @ LUISAVIAROMA
Masion Margiela Leather shoulder bag  [HERE ON SALE] @SHOPBOP
&other stories Shirt dress [HERE]
RIUDAVETS Glitter Sandal @ALAND Korea
BALMAIN Black Sunglass
DANIEL WELLINGTON CLASSY Oxford Watch [HERE] by Revolveclothing

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