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July 1, 2015

Cheeky & Cheerful ASOS Summer Jumpsuit

This posting will be the last London daily look outfit posting of June!
 The last item is the ASOS cutie grid pattern jumpsuit!!!  This fabulous item has a new-itemish cut-out detail on the stomach. I first gasped at it, but it happened that it’s actually a functional cut-out design that makes a shape like you had matched it with a bra top. I’m sorry that it doesn’t show in the picture, but the grid pattern made from the light yellow color and the navy color is printed out that it’s an adorable jumpsuit that you just have to own, with the length to the above of your ankles like a pair of culotte pants. 

It was slightly chilling when I was taking this picture in London. So I coordinated the outfit with the Top Shop’s Black Bummer Jacket, absorbing that casual feel. It is a neat item for in-between seasons or during the rainy seasons with the black color that you could pretty much coordinate everywhere, with the silky light material. I think it will go well with formal clothing. 

Here, I held a Rebecca Minkoff MiniMac Red as a color point. I don’t think you could find an easier and more functional coordination item to go along with a lively look.

The ASOS jumpsuit has a square neckline totally in trend these days, and has a pinafore design. Maybe because of the young neckline, the AKA Iron Man cutout looks funky rather than sexual. Perhaps if I made a daring exposure… lol 

Because the neck looked plain, I added a tattoo chokernecklace. Accidentally, I left mine in South Korea, and I had to buy another one because Top Shop was selling the same choker with a pearl attached to it. It's anyway updated one! I wrap this one around my neck on the days that I want to look young. lol 

Red Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac that gives you energy by just looking at it. Because of the compact size, you can carry this one around on a light trip. Also the everyday Daniel Wellingtonclassy stripe watch. The two items go along like a thread and a needle in terms of both the color and the feminine casual feel.


ASOS Jumpsuit in grid print [HERE] & [HERE]
TOPSHOP Light weight Bomber Jacket  [HERE]
Tatoo Neck Choker [SIMILAR]

Stay tuned for coming posts!

photography by Rekay Woo
photography of me by Lily Yang

post by Rekay Woo.
Snapchat; @rekaystyle
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location; London, UK

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