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June 30, 2015

Matchesfashion, Nottinghill

Today, I would like to review a visit to the mecca of the luxury abroad shopping, and the offline shop of one of my favorite online luxury editorial boutique, the Matchesfashion

I assume many of you are reluctant to shop designer goods, or shop luxury goods online. The online shops do have cheaper prices, have sales, and the promotions and the noisy marketing, but I think many of your are still hesitant because of the questions like what if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s different from the photos? What is there are flaws in the product?? I think Matchesfashion’s offline shop solves such worries in one shot. First of all, it has the same prices as the online prices, with the same sales and other promotions applied, and you could actually wear and check them out.

There are four shops in London, and they say that the Marylebone store is larger than the Notting Hill store that I had visited. In Notting Hill, there are two Matches stores facing each other, and the in the photo above, the store is made of Women’s and Men’s luxury goods(this store is larger), and in the store on the other house, there are only women’s goods. And in this store there are the popular contemporary lines(Acne, Isabel Marant, Equipment, J brand, etc) and London designer brands.

First of all, you check out the products at, check out the prices as well, and if there are products that you would like to take an actual look at, you could search for them at the store. If there are products that you would like to see, but if the store doesn’t have them, they provide smart services of delivering the product to the products to your desired store within 4 hours. It does take a little bit of time, but you could unconditionally purchase the products you want(that are in the online store). Though this store is not an outlet store, there are not only the new products but the products on sale, you might luckily buy something! Now, why not take a sneak peek at the Matchesfashion offline store with Rekay?


Love the new collection of Chloe. Specially the stunning Red suede Drew Bag!

It was so lucky to buy this Balenciaga black wallet! I bought this for about 200pounds after receiving 30% of discount. What a bargain!


Men's wear at the downstair. 

  1.  MATCHESFASHION LONDON NOTTING HILL 60-64 Ledbury Road Notting Hill W11 2AJ 

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photography by Rekay Woo
photography of me by Lily Yang

post by Rekay Woo.
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