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July 15, 2015

The Chicest Design hotel, Ovolo Central Hongkong & My Fashion Youtube Video

Finally introducing the hotel for this Hong Kong trip, Ovolo Central.

Ovolo Central, located in the oriental Ibiza(?) with the most global and free vibe than any other city in Asia, Lan Kwai Fong, has the best location for the Hong Kong nightlife and city tour. 

It is known for the young and trendy feel from Australia, neighboring the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel and the Dragon-i. This used to be a service apartment, and was modified into a hotel with 42 rooms. There are only 2 rooms on one floor, and allows noiseless, comfortable rest in the busy Hong Kong downtown. 

 The first place I went to was the reception on the second floor. The overall size of the hotel was not that big that the lounge wasn’t so huge. However, the special interior design could be felt from even here. In the clean and modern reception, there is a clerk desk serving 24-hour service, beverages, alcohol! And I couldn't pass the lollipops!

There are only 2 room types here, and though the structure of the room is the same, only the interior concepts differ slightly. The room for me was the Executive Deluxe room on the 25th floor. Light and fresh feel because of the sunshine. Also, outside of the window, I could see the soaring buildings of Hong Kong. Along with the overall stable and comfortable beige interior, the space with shiny metal was modern and neutral. Especially, the mosaic unborn calf leather rug under the bed was a gorgeous item. In the clean room, there were detailed design points and delicate services, and the first thing welcomed me was the welcome card from the hotel manager and the staff, and free wine! Goody! They are small, but such small services seem to be the special services only available in boutique hotels.

Rekay’s travelling wardrobe for this trip! 

Various vacation style items with colorful tropical patterns and bold stripe one-pieces, with the finishing touches of clutch bags, shoulder bags, and several sunglasses. Lastly, sandals for day and night. You will be able to get a close peek at them through the Hong Kong traveling daily looks.

Here are my youtube video saying hello & introducing my summer holiday wardrobe in Ovolo.
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Yay!! Ovolo is full of free stuff! 

Numerous presents that I have never before were waiting for me. Not only the free wifi, traveling multi plug, mobile recharger, backpack, loot back full of cute snacks, and the silky slippers, all of these could be taken! 

I think they are a fantastic selection considering the travelers!

On the right of the bed was a wide office space, and a wide wooden desk and chair with modern design, notepad and ball pens and pencils, and printers connectible to the computer was prepared. In the desk drawer was a safe. 

In Ovolo, you have a lot of fun opening drawers!

I had found a safe in the desk drawer, and this time I discovered a drawer with a dining dish set! 

I have never seen such a neat setting in other hotels. This is so sick!  There Nespresso with spicy capsule set and cool beverages were waiting for me in the mini-refrigerator! 

All of them are for free, and if you ask for the beverages that you like, they fill them in the refrigerator for you. It's tailoring & personal service! The basic tea, coffee, and the electric kettle was in another drawer, and lastly the welcome wine and a cool wine bowl. 

You do know that I love marble, right? =)

The bathroom here is all furnished with marble! A unique sink, and the amenity of Marlin Goetz. It wasn’t the normal mini-size in most of the hotels but a jumbo size that I could use them without any additions

The Gym on the 2nd floor of Ovolo. They are operated 24 hours, and despite the small size, there are running machines, weight equipment, and equipment for yoga. If you are not planning on touring, I think it’d be a great idea for you to spend more time at the hotel to roll around and exercise at the fitness center!

Ovolo Central 2 Arbuthnot Road, Central District, Hongkong Call +852 3755 3000

Stay tuned for coming posts!

photography by Rekay Woo
photography of me by 김작가

post by Rekay Woo.
Snapchat; @rekaystyle
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location; HONGKONG

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