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August 22, 2015

New Summer Bag_Kate Spade

The daily look that I would like to show you is the all black fashion that you wear in the summer. 
All black in the summer?? You may think it’s odd, but the black color is the doubtless seasonless staple color, with the point that contrasts with the bare skin, it provides the cool edge in the summer. I will now start the summer all black coordination posting that really catches your eye than any other fancy vivid color.

 I received this day’s make up from Tom Ford Beauty[YOUTUBE HERE]. I united the colors of top, skirt, sandals, and watch in black. Because it may be too heavy and stuffy, another point with the cutout 

Kate Spade’s Straw Bag
It’s a rush bag, a bag made from rush. When you think of rush bags, it makes you think of beach bags, or bohemian hippie looks. Or old ladies bag? It really looks like a season bag that you wear for a short time in the summer. 

Despite such circumstances, I rummage through all the foreign sites to find this bag. Fabulous! Woven rush from the light beige color, simple and luxurious leather trimming that decorates Rekay’s style. It almost looks like you could carry this bag not just in the summer but in all seasons. 


&Other Stories cutout top/ skirt/ strap sandal
KATE SPADE strawbag [HERE] by revoleclothing
Daniel Wellington Classic Saint Andrew Lady watch [HEREby revoleclothing


Stay tuned for coming posts!

photography by WOORI

패션블로거 유투버 리케이스타일

location; Seoul, Korea

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