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July 21, 2016

BURBERRY 16F/W Patchwork Collection with Luke Edward Hall

Last weekend, I was invited by the British luxury fashion house, Burberry to see the new 16 A/W season collections that were revealed at the runway last February as well as the new collaboration creations that made this season more special by English artist Luke Edward Hall.
It was Burberry’s classic meeting England’s young and vibrant artist. With Luke’s modern art, it was a great time to experience the Burberry flagship store that had become a completely new artistic and pleasant area.

Burberry’s new campaign is receiving a ton of attention with Luke Edward Hall’s work. The artist’s lightning funky hair, round glasses, and colorful suits makes him seem like he has just jumped out from a Woody Allen movie. This new 26-year-old artist Luke displayed some free lines and lively color illustrations in the main advertisement cut highlighting Burberry’s main models of the season, Edie Campbell and Callum Turner.

The main theme of this Burberry Collection is patchwork. It reflects the handcraft vibes as well as the flexible brush marks and smudge that have been made through Luke’s hand. The various colors and kitsch patterns create peculiar harmony.

The place is full of Luke Edward Hall’s illustrations. It seems like the artist’s face himself. The indifferent face without any laugh nor smile reminds us of Englishmen. The vivid colors and cheerful lines are its twisted charm.

 The patchwork bag, another hero of this season’s Burberry collection. The patchwork bag collection inspired by British artists and musicians as well as history has been popular ever since it has been on the runway last February.  Now it becomes most popular season's aka it-bag. 

The various material and vivid jewel colors that has been motivated by the towns and streets of England create the bag. The combination of different texture material is suggesting a [one-of-a-kind] design in the whole world.

I’ve seen products that are produced in small quantities like Limited edition. But never have I ever seen a product that is produced individually to be one-of-a-kind in the whole world. It reflects amazing product planning abilities. In addition, Burberry provides a monogramming service in which you can engrave three alphabet initials just for yourself. It is an amazing opportunity to get you a bag that is perfectly customized for yourself! Awesome!

Personally, the chunky shoulder strap design that contrasts with the mini-size body is pretty new and my favorite part. It seems like a great cherry on top to the complications that arise from the many colors and mix of textures. The fancy eyelet decorations and thick buckle has a casual feel and swag that cannot be approached. It is a design that will definitely add edge to your crazy night-out look and even your daily simple denim look.

Are you serious Burberry? 
This 2016 A/W Burberry Collection showed a more fancy and outgoing color and pattern plays that were concluded with the chic British feel. It is a new look beyond expectations. Like the title patchwork collection, it was definitely a mesmerizing combination of charming items from head to toe.

The handcraft feels from the beading and collage as well as the vintage pattern upon shiny material and the addition of over fit outers produce an unexpected combination of elements that are not expected to go together. Burberry portrayed the mix and match look that I would always like to try as a designer and fashion blogger.

There was one item that totally took away Rekay’s heart. It was the Burberry trademark, Tartan check coat. This season it has been updated with a vintage retro color. The bold check pattern upon the over fit maxi coat line totally got my heart. Needless to say, the voluminous Burberry shearling wool mustang was also a thumbs up.

Military is back for real. And here is a militarycoat near perfect. It may seem like an exaggeration but it was the best outer that I have ever worn. I could totally ignore any minimal or overfit trend, whatever. 

The double-breasted gold button upon the narrow waistline with the red top stitch line that contrasts with the navy body creates a gorgeous military look that cannot be denied. Despite the hot weather, it was a coat that I loved dearly. I could wear it right at this moment even under the blazing sun.


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