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July 24, 2016

Stylenanda Off Shoulder & Bootcut Jeans & ROC Sunglass

Gloomy weekend with a possibility of rain. Despite the absence of sunlight, I wonder why the heat persists. So I brought a cool [off shoulder]fashion that will relieve some of the stress from the hot weather all week. Recently, one of our company’s open recruitment interview question was “What is the hottest trend this season?” 9 out of 10 interviewees answered “off shoulder”.

It is the most popular item of this summer season! Yes, the off shoulder style is the most popular item of this summer season. Today let me show my off-shoulder look matched with cool light boot cut denim. It is an easy and eye-catching style. 

This is the off shoulder blouse from Stylenanda that I introduced recently in my Rekaystyle Youtube haul video[HERE]. It is basic and a design that beautifully exposes your shoulder line. Actually it is a pretty famous design that you can find it easily at Zara and other places…lol, but I think Stylenanda would be the cheapest. 

 Anyway, this A-line boop top and flare shape gives it a cute and vibrant feel. Also, the crisp white cotton material is cool and clean. As I mentioned in the video, the shoulder line and body is separated providing a lot of convenience. It gives you a freedom of movement.

The accessory that goes perfectly with the off shoulder trend- choker. From last season, many femme fatale chokers that fit your neck were the most loved. Nowadays, it is not the one string choker but has been updated to chokers in the form of a long string strapped around the neck. It emphasizes a more casual yet feminine feel. 
Upon the exposed shoulder line, the string choker provides a break from boredom. The string choker is the best friend of off shoulder!

A new sunglass that Rekay will introduce today is from ROC EYEWEAR, from Australia. It was a brand that I loved when I lived in Sydney. It is a so popular designer sunglass brand that is sold in many of luxury fashion boutiques and department stores like Debbie Johnson in Australia and New Zealand.

The model I am wearing is No.20 Aviator Sunglass[HERE]. It is the basic boeing shape with a trend mirror lens with lovely pink tinting. It is casual yet feminine. The transparent frame and balanced boeing shape is unique and a specialty of the brand ROC.It is a rare and unique feel with certified quality that is difficult to find in Korea. I was eager to share this with you on Rekaystyle. (Australian brands are quite hot these days.) You can buy it in Korea as well as globally anywhere via their official web site.

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Another highlight of today’s look along with the exposed shoulder is the Marni Sculpture bag. It seems like color is significant in accessories. With the bold color red, the bag is like the cherry on top of a sundae. Well, in this case it would be the ending point to my look. 

Personally, I always look for the some of vivid colors like red when I wear denim. The blue and white looks too simple and general, so I never forget to add some spicy color point to be more out-going! 

“Whenever you want to add edge to a casual look, do not search for more. Jazz it up with a red item.”

I got the Marni sculpture bag through LUISAVIAROMA. It has a deep red body and gold metal decoration as well as a smooth leather finish. I am looking forward to matching this bag in the upcoming fall/winter camel knits or gray coats. It is definitely a season-less mini bag. 

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