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July 26, 2016


Upon my trip to New York, my biggest concern was the hotel. New York has a myriad of hotels. In addition, my fussy personality had a lot to take care of. After putting a lot of time and thought into choosing a hotel, I chose The Row NYC in Manhattan, New York. 

THE ROW / a time-square hotel

700 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, United States
+1 888-352-3650

The meaning of a lodge is significant in a trip. I chose Hotel Row in 45th street and 8th avenue. It was in the center of Manhattan and the royal spot that was near Time Square. It was right next to Broadway Theater and the 24hr Shake Shack across the street. Isn’t this perfect?

In addition, the high quality of the hotel considering its price. It was a four star hotel in the best tourist spot. From the hip hop atmosphere and clean and modern design of the hotel from the lobby- the hotel interior was perfect for an exciting New York trip. It was convenient and full of joy. The premium city view of New York City outside the window was a shot that I will remember for a lifetime. 

The spicy orange wall with liveliness is the premium city view of Row Hotel. The large King size bed and its bedding was clean. It was perfect size for the stay of two. The space was enough to put out our messy stuff as well. The bright, white bathroom as well as the basic amenities was given daily. The basic aspects of a hotel were all enjoyable.

However, the lack of a refrigerator, small closet, and the heavy window that a woman cannot open easily were drawbacks. 

A good morning every day with the bright sunshine!

It was a package including breakfast. There was no separate breakfast restaurant but there were the basics- bread, fruits, coffee, and drinks in the fancy café in the lobby. It was simple but the fresh baked warm bread and latte was enough for breakfast. Also, you can easily pick up many different foods in the fancy arcade [City Kitchen] connected to the hotel. 

New York street view from the hotel window.

Is this an apple store? The cool Row Hotel business area.I made my first post about New York here. It is not a big hotel but a design hotel like a boutique. There are trendy and casual areas all around. It seems like the city New York fits Rekay perfectly!

Convenience store/supermarket in the hotel lobby.


**Things to know when booking Row Hotel. 
Some people have asked me about the price and booking, so I asked the hotel for more information and am updating accurate information.

>>The final price of the Hotel.
In the room rates on the website or booking website, there is a 14.75% tax accordingly and a standard tax of $3.5 and hotel usage fees of $27.22. The tax and hotel usage fee are not just a one-time thing but is daily.
(The total for each night is “Room rate+14.75% tax” + “$3.5 occupancy tax” + “$27.22 fee”)

>>Service fees of $27.22 (Package Element) that many people have asked about.
A water bottle (looks like a disposable one, but was kinda cute) that can be used at the water purifiers on each floor. Printing service at the first floor iMac lounge, local telephone and international telephone is free. Other than the free international calls, it does not seem like much but you do need to pay. 


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