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August 18, 2016

16F/W New Shoes/ MALONE SOULIERS via (20% off)

The new season! I will introduce to you a truly hot it shoes. During the summer season, I loved relaxing flat shoes and sneakers but as the F/W is starting, I find myself looking for high heels that will add tension and edge to my loose styling.

A shoe brand that everyone should know if they are an high heel guru, it is Malone Souliers. This brand was created from the hands of Mary Alice Malone, a designer based in London. With refined designs, luxurious leather, and a design that amplifies the elegance and sexiness within women is definitely the high heel that Rekay has dreamed of.

Daily look with this heel with be uploaded soon!

Rekay picked a Lace-up high heel that are definitely Malone Souliers’ signature design, the Montana Stilettos.

As the 16 F/W season item, the deep burgundy color representing fall and the two different types of leather with different textures add a luxuriousness and natural feeling to the design at the same time. It is a high-class lace up design that is definitely different from other types of common lace up heels that can be seen in the market. The narrow yet sharp pointy front line and upon the deeply cut body line, there is a set of tight and dense layer of leather strings that produce a stronger lace up structure. These are a pair of heels that produce an unapproachable lady-like vibe with a chic mood. 

The glossy leather texture is soft yet provides a comfortable fit. In case of high heels, it is important to support the weight so that the ankle is stable. When worn, it maintains a great balance so it is comfortable to wear without hurting your feet.

It can be worn formally or with a dressy feeling with feminine lace dress or modern wide pants or can be changed to a sexy look with casual denims for some edge. It can even be coordinated with retro mood socks! These heels are definitely designer shoes that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Although the width can be adjusted by the lace strings according to your foot size, if you have wide feet, the width of the shoes itself is pretty narrow so it might be uncomfortable. Another drawback would be that when wearing it and taking it off, the laces have to be loosened every time. However, we can go over these inconveniences for the sake of beauty…

This is a studio with vibrant green plants that create liveliness in the vintage interior located near Hongik University, SEOUL. Last week, I visited this place for a photo shoot with fashion magazine ELLE (You can meet Rekay in the September issue of ELLE!), but I had to take a few photos of the Malone Souliers that was part of my look that day since the place was breathtakingly beautiful.

The perfect props and modern furniture as well as the green flowerpots that Rekay loves were decorating the entire studio. Other than the weak air conditioning, it was a very charming place. I thought to myself that I should have occasional studio shoots…

 Rekay’s Malone Soulier lace up heels were bought at luxury brand shopping site, Avenue 32[HERE]. All items on Avenue 32 can be bought at a 20% discount with the special promotion code [REKAY20] especially for Rekaystyle so go check it out! (Once only/ Not applicable to sale items)

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