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August 17, 2016


A sequel of last month, it is the monthly Rekaystyle instagram of July. Monthly instagram organizes the photos that have been posted on Rekaystyle instagram showing small bits of life and daily style. Let's go remind ourselves what things, styles, shopping lists have been added in July!

>All photos were taken with iPhone6S. VSCO A8 filter was added with a slight brightness adjustment with Instagram.
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It is Rekay’s daily look instagram that is updated almost everyday. It is usually a look when I go to work, thus it is usually a style that shows my willingness to work hard and simply comfortable. I usually wear a comfortable shirt or tee on top of denim jeans.

LOOK1] Stylenanda denim pants + Stripe vintage shirt + Balenciaga clutch [HERE] + Yellow Bridge Sunglass[HERE]
LOOK2] Sincerely Jules Tee 
[HERE] + Aura Denim shorts  + Gucci Dionysus [HERE]
LOOK3] Equipment slim signature short sleeve shirt

This daily look is Phillip Lim dress and Gucci Dionysus bag that I introduced in a different post[HERE] . When I had the photo shoot, the rain kept going off and on, so I remember ending the whole photo shoot in 10 minutes. The shooting place was a new hot spot, Understand Avenue in Seoul Forest, Seoul.

LOOK] 3.1  Philliplim Dress[HERE] @AVENUE32 + 3.1 Philliplim black lace up sandal [HERE]@AVENUE32  + ZARA pleated jacket + Gucci Dionysus [HERE] +   Yellow Bridge Sunglass[HERE]

 I visited Burberry Cheongdam flagship store to see the Burberry 16 F/W collection as well as the collaboration with the English artist Luke Edward Hall and the main item of this season the patchwork bag. I was mesmerized by the military coat that I wore that day. I want it…[POST]

Is their anything special about a vacation? It was a day of healing at a cultural are in the city (with lots of air conditioning). This is Leeum Gallery in Itaewon, SEOUL. It was a day of looking at exhibits and having a daily look photo shoot. Everything was great except the rip-off café on the first floor. [POST]

LOOK] ZARA Stripe shirt [HERE] + AURA denim shorts + MARIAM NASSIR ZADEH mules [HERE] @AVENUE32 + CELINE cabas two tone tote bag + RAYBAN sunglass[HERE]@REVOLVE

Another daily look posting! Instagram photos are taken on a whim and impulses depending on the situation of the day. When I pass a beautiful café or see a pretty ‘no parking’ sign with great color combinations, or see something I would like to take into account, my camera goes on shoot shoot shoot!

LOOK1] Style Nanda Tee shirt [HERE] + River Island skirt + Marni Sculpture bag[HERE] @LUISAVIAROMA
LOOK2] Balmain logo tee [HERE] + C/meo white skirt [HERE]
LOOK3] Zara crop top + Zara wide pants + Marni Sculpture bag[HERE] @

Rekay’s it bag of July! It is Marni’s sculpture bag. It is a bag I would whole heartedly recommend if you are looking for a perfect red color mini bag that no one else can follow. It is a red bag that one should always have. 

In addition, the boeing sunglasses with a hint of vintage pink color is from an Australian brand, ROC. I got it through direct overseas purchase.[HERE]

 Rather than fancy nail art, I prefer minimal and simple nail colors. In order to match your nails to all kinds of clothes with out difficulty, you have to give up excessive desires and get your nails in a design that can be a point in your style with its basics. Red nail colors seem to be sensational and refined with a slight pose.

It seems that there are more and more cafés with green these days. When I see a large green organism, it seems to be energizing with a burst of adrenaline. So I am putting some greens on my instagram as a healing point now and then.

Recently, I went to Disco Pizza at Seoul Forest, SEOUL. The retro mood reminds me of Sing Street. Anyways, the pizza is great.
A café called Avant Musee that I stopped by for dessert when I went to Baraboom Itaewon, SEOUL. It was in the same alley. 

This shoot[HERE] was particular difficult because of the heat. I nearly died. I wanted to take photos that show the new fall items. I fearlessly took out a long sleeve outer. It was the overfit baseball jumper from street brand Ader Error that Rekay usually does not wear. The very long sleeve was the point but it seems like I look helpless. Although it is the trend, it seems like this is a bit too much.

LOOK] Sincerely Jules NO LOVE LOST T-shirt[HERE]@REVOLVE + Style Nanda White bootcut jeans + Ader Error Baseball Jumper [HERE] + Balenciaga Canvas Clutch [NEW HERE] + RAYBAN sunglass[HERE]@REVOLVE

The two sunglasses that you can wear on everything on a daily basis without growing sick. Ray Ban’s polarized round flash lenses that is already popular on a global scale. Light black neo sunglasses from Korean designer brand Yellow Bridge. 

Rekay’s first direct purchase from Sephora. Anastasia’s brow pencil that I bought from New York last time was so good but hard to find in Korea so I got it through direct purchase on Sephora. I am often lazy to draw her eyebrows but Anastasia’s brow pencil has presented a new world. It is extremely thin and the color is super natural. Above all, the matte finish prevents any possibility of failure. ( I bought this in the color Taupe) It is a product that I totally recommend. 

Vetemont collection that I am analyzing at work. Boxed water that looks like it would taste like milk. I bought it when I went to Dallas but I still didn’t open it…

Walkerhill bikini party[HERE] hosted by Cosmopolitan. It was a fun day with California vibes in Seoul. Was Seoul’s sky that blue? The color was so beautiful that it is Rekay’s background on her iPhone. This day’s real senses are also updated on YouTube![HERE]