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September 7, 2016

Gucci Marmont Velvet look at Korean beauty, LUNA Launching Party

I went to a Korean beauty brand, Luna’s launching event of the Lucky Horror Show, which is the new F/W line, at Boundary Café Chungdamdong, Seoul, Korea
It is delivering the trendy makeup of charming and confident models on the runway to our daily lives. The beauty brand Luna’s collection is the first triple art collection that has been tried out in Korea and demonstrates a special runway for yourself. The pop artist that created the adorable horror character, Artnom, and the ghoulish vibe that can only beloved by designer Doii Lee’s collection combines together to produce the best beauty collaboration.

Nowadays, brands and how the concept and story of the product is delivered is very significant in marketing to go beyond simply selling the product but also satisfy the desire to own the brand value and motivation. This Lucky Horror Show collection launching collaboration shows the addition of art to the brand that has great product value and has created an arcane and pleasant content that goes way beyond a simple cosmetic product. It was a groundbreaking attempt to do so.

The lovely yet grotesque horror character of Artnom that is placed on the Lucky Horror Show collection becomes beautiful like magic as soon as you pick it up. It brings about zany imaginations. Then you laugh and are in a good mood.

Such strong collaboration was probably possible due to the pride in the absolute quality. Even the words of the makeup artist that persuaded testing at the makeup trial booth had strong pride and confidence in their product. Luna Essence Water Pact EX that I tested carefully. (Such a long name.) You wouldn’t be looking forward to professional insight to Rekay who is not a beauty blogger. But in the perspective of an ordinary customer.

>Moisture SO GOOD: 
With a high quantity of essence, Rekay’s dry skin even looks smooth and moisturized.

>Coverage SO GOOD: 
Since it does not wear heavily, one light cover can be used to even out your skin tone. I wore one layer lightly; it seems to cover all imperfections. Adding on more layers is fine as well.

>Persistency SOSO
The limits of a water pact? Or problems with my technique and inability to wear it properly? Makeup needs to be fixed every two to three hours at the mirror.

>> In conclusion, it is way more moisturizing with a natural glow compared to ordinary liquid foundations that I have used till recently. It is possible for natural and healthy skin expression. It would be great to use in the dry changing season from fall to winter without worrying about losing facial moisture. The weak persistency can be overcome by taking it around and wearing it again. Even though I top some more foundation on top, it does not seem to separate or become thick and dull. 

Other than the Luna Essence Water pact, various products of different lines wore the clothes of the Lucky Horror Show collection. Among those products, Rekay favored the multi eyeshadow palette the most.

The 11 color palette inside a charming violet velvet case contains a variety from the basic base colors to kitsch point colors that have the horror sensation. It is an edition that I definitely want to own. The internal brush is a handy package.

In today’s event, Luna’s cover girl, Korea top model Han Hyejin and the collaboration designer Lee Doii joined us. The successful 16 F/W collaboration collection of Lee Doii with Artnom had its collection runway. It was a great time to also observe the amazing walking of top model Han Hyejin. 


Gucci’s Marmont bag that seemed to match the Lucky Horror Show collection concept perfectly like a set. As the F/W season is launched and among those numerous new bags, Gucci’s Marmont bag’s velvet model was definitely the one that took Rekay’s heart.
Gucci’s Blue Velvet Marmont bag that also was chosen by actress Kong Hyojin at a recent Gucci Garden collection.

It goes well with the season but is also a perfect description of Gucci’s special luxury retro. No hesitation was needed. It is petrol blue color that has never been seen before and goes perfectly with extreme expressions that it is fatal. In addition, the gold GG logo, chain as well as the heart symbol that is the heart of a Marmont bag! It is definitely a bag that you cannot take your eyes off of. At first I took some time to think wondering if I should buy leather, but I made the right choice of buying velvet. (It is small size.) 

The velvet model is not launched in Korea yet so I bought it through direct purchase on LUISAVIAROMA. Even abroad, blue velvet is more popular that you have to wait. On Luisa, you can place a free order and receive it in late September. The black and leather version is up for immediate sale. 
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The shiny retro green blouse is from ZARA and Rider jacket in wide fit is from MISTYPE/WONDERPLACE KOREA, and my favorite crop bootcut jeasn from Korean brand, StyleNanda[SIMILAR], lastly the shoes from STEVE MADDEN via REVOLVE[HERE]




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