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September 14, 2016

How to layer a Joseph Knit dress with shirt for Fall

Happy Thanksgiving! The joyful holiday vacation has started. I hope you all have an abundant and happy Thanksgiving with all your loved ones. Something that we have waiting for as much as thanksgiving, it is fall! 
Today on Rekaystyle, I would like to introduce to you all a warm and cozy knitwear look that reminds us of fall. This is a modern fall knit layered look with classic and edgy long knit dress from English brand, JOSEPH matched with a trendy wide cuff shirt.

Wool Cashmere and Crepe de Chine Iris Dress[HERE], in BLACK[HERE]

It is vest type cashmere knit dress that can easily be layered with a variety of inner items. I layered it with the popular wide cuff shirts to express a more classic and organized look. Instead it would also be nice to layer with light t-shirts or turtleneck knits.

The silk material skirt line that contrasts with the basic knit top design is minimal with a dramatic silhouette. The wool cashmere’s soft feeling and subtle glitter emphasizes the feminine mood with the combination of silk material. Although it is a long knit dress, there is no heavy feeling with the cashmere knit and is great to wear easily with the simple loose straight fit. There is no need for special lines. The mix match of materials liven the silhouette and fitting of the design. The same color silk skirt is with a slit detail in the front and the back is of a knit.

Calf Leather Pixie Bootie [HERE], in black[HERE], in patent[HERE]

Joseph pixie white bootie that was styled with minimal Joseph knit dress. It was the first time I tried out a white color bootie. I thought it would be difficult to coordinate compared to the black one but it seems to have a much elegant and modern feeling. 

Especially when matched with monotone outfits, the heaviness is gone and it adds a chic yet formal mood beyond casual.It is the most basic Chelsea boot shape with elastic banding that makes easy to wear and take off.

3.1 Philliplim/ 
Grass Leather Minaudières Clutch [HERE], in black[HERE]via[HERE]

With its cute size and vivid green color that is difficult to find, it is Phillip Lim’s minaudieres clutch. Phillip Lim’s designs do not need explanations. Its special urban and modern vibe is full in the design and the bold silver metal clip decorations that surround the leather are very fancy. With the thin silver strap, it can be worn as a short cross. It can also be used as a great point accessory for formal and dressy looks like what you would wear to weddings.

I bought it through direct purchase at Avenue32. For readers of Rekaystyle, there is a 20% discount promotion code. Enter the REKAY20 code, and you will receive a 20% discount on all direct purchases except items on sale! Go take a look!

JOSEPH Cashmere Knit dress in grey[HERE] / in black[HERE]
ZARA Wide cuff stripe shirts
JOSEPH Calf Leather Pixie Bootie [HERE]/ in black[HERE]/ in patent[HERE]

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