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September 4, 2016

Modern Alchemist_Korean Designer Shoes brand

Last week at Daelim warehouse, Seoul in Korea, a designer open exhibition market was opened called [Comma Classe]. This Comma Classe event was held at Daelim warehouse, which is now Sungsoodong’s landmark and cultural complex showing a new special collaboration with the new designer brands that showed new cultural content.

 It was an event where the unique and original 2016 F/W items of hot Korean designers from various areas could be seen in one single spot as an editorial shop. Among the brands that were part of Comma Classe, a Korean designer shoes brand, the Modern Alchemist caught Rekay’s eye. 

Since its launch in 2015, the contemporary, modern design, and high end quality has received a lot of attention from overseas collections. It is the rising star among Korean shoe designer brands. Along with its entry in W Concept[here], they have opened a show room in Sungsoodong, which shows an enthusiastic development of the brand not only in editorial shops overseas but also in Korea. This is great news that is pleasing to Rekaystyle who is a shoeholic.

There is no place to buy dress shoes in Korea, I’ve often mentioned this on my blog, but when I find such brand like the Modern Alchemist that has the quality and chic,trendy design like luxury brands of Europe, I shout, “Eureka!” I will show you in more detail the Modern Alchemist line that has stolen the picky heart of Rekay.

M O D E R N Line

The most popular concept of Modern Alchemist that has been launched in the new 2016 F/W season. It has a modern and sleek design base with a unique hexagon square heel and square last that is a designer vibe with edge that cannot be found anywhere.

First, the Modern Line with its new and bold design catches our eye and the softness of the leather and light yet stable fit once again shocks me. This season’s global trend metal islets and ribbon tie-ups and moderate decorations contain a clean yet refined mood. It can be purchased through W concept in September, so we’ll have to wait for a bit!

A L C H E M I S T Line

The line that has definitely taken Rekay’s heart. The shoes that may have been seen on the runway that reminds of us haute coutre shoes, the Modern Alcehmist’s overseas collection high end line, the Alchemist line. It was brought out my exclamation, “Wow!” The fancy yet strong handicraft details and charming shoes line has been combined to create a very special shoes collection.

Rekay ordered the ankle boots of the Alchemist line on the spot as soon as she saw it. It has been long since I had an item that I wanted to buy as soon as I saw it. My heart skipped a beat, which rarely happens even when I see luxury shoes. As it is a collection line, the deep and dark charm of the Alchemist and craftsmanship can definitely be seen. It is worthy of possession. I will soon introduce this in a Rekay daily look!


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