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September 1, 2016

5 Tips To Get More Out Of Hotel Stay

In the last post about travelling smart, I introduced some tips that would be useful when riding planes. Today, I will continue the series of post and introduce Rekay’s top five tips when using hotels.
In my case, the time I spend at the hotel is as important as the destination itself. If you paid high prices for booking a hotel, but if it turns out to be bad service and awful that you thought, the start of your traveling is not up to a pleasant start.

So I prepared this. Save your hotel fees and a way to receive the best service ever with Rekay’s enjoying 200% of your hotel guide! These are the top tips that I have gained through my experiences, so I hope this an be a help to people that have travel plans.

1. The queen of negotiation

In my case, I often prefer free traveling rather than package trips thus; I often make my own reservations by researching flights and lodges. First, I make a list of hotels in my favor through specialized travel websites then I find out the lowest price and whether reservations are available through the global hotel reservation website.
Then, I send reservation inquiry email to the official hotel website and then check the prices. At this point, I ask the lowest price available written on the reservation website then ask whether the price can be cheaper if I make direct reservations. In addition, I try asking for additional services like room upgrade, early check-in, and hotel pickup.

Most hotels are paying a large commission to hotel reservation websites, thus, they often offer discounted prices to customers making direct reservation rather than commission. Of course, there might be some places that be very strict so asking three to four places at the same time is a solution. 

2. Present me the best room

Although the prices are the same, the conditions of the room can vary a lot. As a result, you have to ask for the best room condition possible when making reservations. It is the most important point along with hotel reservations and prices. It is best to reserve at the same time and check-in at least one day before.
It is mostly the case that when you arrive at the hotel itself, most of the rooms are taken and you have to take what is left. If they do not accept your request, it is a pity, however this is the list of requests for the hotel.

Corner room: Based on the ordinary structures of hotels, the rooms in the corner are usually the ones that are the largest with the most windows. The large number of windows makes the room light. The ventilation is great and it is less stuffy than smaller rooms. It is more private and quiet compared to rooms in the center.

Closeness to the Elevator: Many hotels in Europe are renovations of old buildings. Thus, sometimes there only is one elevator working in all floors. As a result, you may receive a room that you cannot see no matter how long you go in the elevator. It would be the worst-case scenario. Your body worn out from the whole day of travelling, the hotel room far at the end, it would be the worst.

Under renovation?: If the hotel is under renovation, you should ask whether it is under renovation. If it is under construction, you must always be far from the construction area. If a renovation is in process, you should ask for the room that has been renovated and go to a hotel that is not under construction.

High floors:  It is a natural thing but high floors have a great view and is often quieter and more private. If possible, go to the highest floor possible.
Ask for the photo of the room that you would like to reserve rather than the best suite room photos on the hotel website. It is best to ask for it so that you wouldn’t be shocked by the different room than the website photo.

>>Do not be attracted by the hotel website photo. Obviously, these photos are taken in a wide angle with decent photoshopping. Instead, check the real photos by people who stayed at the hotel on Trip Advisor.

>>When you will be late than your check in time, make sure that you inform the hotel of your expected time of arrival and tell them to reserve a room that you would like. Terrible rooms that are not selected till late hours are a no thank you. 

3. There are special tips for the best service?

There are occasions in which you receive hotel service and give a tip. With one small tip, there are people that can give me a special service especially for me. It is the employees of the hotel front (reception).

Practically, they make room upgrade/ early or late check-in possible and also provide great extra services like free mini bar, credits for paid movies. These are all in the hands of the front employees. Give them a tip with a smile and you might be touched with unexpected service. Especially in the case of front employees, they usually do not receive tips from guests so they appreciate the smallest tips. Wouldn’t it be more productive than room service tips that people do not even recognize?
When checking in, check the name card of the employee, call their name and ask, “Can you get me a late check-in?”

4. Ask your hotel concierge for travel plans. 

When you are confused about what to do due to lack of plans before travelling and you do not know what to do. Do not stutter; go to the hotel front or concierge right away.  The large amount of websites and travel guidebooks is not as good as the best information from the local people of the hotel employees. In addition, the hotel service employees are kind in explanations everything so do not be hesistant and ask! Then you will get the best information about the area.

In the case of Rekay, I arrive first day. 1. Ask for the best restaurant? (Café, brunch restaurant, local restaurant, and restaurants that are open till late, if it seems great ask for a reservation.) 2. Ask for the specialty of the area. Where you should go to be free from rip-offs. 3. Where the hottest bar or lounge in the area is? 4. What you should do when it is raining? 5. How you should get to the airport. These minor details are small but very useful and can be found in the hotel.

>>In places where Chinese and English are not used well, ask the hotel employees to record the name and address of the place you would like to go. It is better than trying to explain to taxi drivers numerous times. Just make them listen to the recording file!

5. Online shopping even abroad and send it over to the hotel. 

If there is something that you want to buy online at the place you would like to travel, ask to send your parcel to the hotel. Most hotels accept personal parcels so inform the hotel in advance. Even though it arrives before the check-in, they bring it to your room, so matching the schedule there would be no problem.

If you have to buy it, but it is heavy to hull around and if it is a shop that provides online shipping, send it straight to the hotel. Online shopping discounts and local promotions can all be enjoyed. It is the best shopping tip for abroad.

Furthermore, other small things that can be asked for the hotel include: slippers, charger, maps, local discount coupons, extra hangers, combs, chargers, and emergency medicine. 

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