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November 16, 2016

Bohemian Print Shirt with Bootcut Jeans

One of the best places/aka tourist spots during this trip to Barcelona was Park Guell. It was the place with the warmest feeling among the construction pieces of Gaudi and was also away from the center of the city and located on a rather spacious hilltop. It felt like a trip within another trip with a fresh feeling.

 After finishing my photoshoot at the Sagrada Familia church, which was not only grand (as if a ghost would turn out of the corner) and grotesque in a way, I threw off my heels and skirt into a lighter boots cut jean look. It seemed to go well with Park Guell that was covered in a myriad of colors. As it is one of the representative tourist spots of Barcelona, the park was bustling with tourists like the tiles of Guell that are stuck right next to each other. It was difficult to take photos with the beautiful scenery. I am sad that I wasn’t able to take more photos of the beautiful scenery of Guell. Instead of photos, I brought a few videos to share. I will share an update very soon with my YouTube travel videos.

When you go to Park Guell, it would be better to make prior reservations. (A limited number of people enter the park on different times.) However, lazy Rekay of course did not make any reservation and went straight to the park. I bought a ticket at the spot that allowed me to enter about an hour later. While waiting I visited a nearby souvenir shop, ate paella, and took photos on beautiful streets. An hour had passed and I was in the park.

I can’t believe that the only photos that I got from Park Guell are these stone walls. I had to get away from the tourist crowd to get a photo in front of the stairs that go to the peak of Park Guell. Do you feel the breath of Gaudi?

This is Uterque’s paisely silk shirt and light boots cut denim from Stylenanda matched together. It is the same silk shirt that was shown in a dressy way in the last daily look posting. The combination of ethnic patterns and bright denim seem to create a natural 1960s British retro look. Based on the different style items, the feelings are different right? The Rock and Roll hippy vintage look that is likely to adore Beatles was finished with the roundsunglasses from Rayban.

Phillip Lim’s Mule/Bloafers, the best for this trip to Spain. The dark chocolate color of suede and the accent detail of red and black is a very casual design. It is the most popular bloafer design these days, it looks great even if you wear it without much thought. The comfortable fitting needs no more words.

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