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November 28, 2016

Toledo Day Trip wearing romantic MAJE maxi coat

Let’s take a break from the Black Friday posts that have dominated Rekaystyle blog I’ve brought a regular Rekay daily look posting. I am now headed to the end of the Spain trip postings of late October. Now we are leaving Barcelona and are heading to Madrid.
I went on a day tour to Toledo, which famous as a suburb tourist spot near the capital city Madrid. I felt the wonders of the history of Spain seeing the beautiful and grand scenes of the middle age city Toledo. It was as if time had stopped in that city.
 Ø  There are various tour items from Madrid city to Toledo and there are also tour buses. People that are on for a free tour should not use tour items with time limits but I rather recommend taking a bus or train by the city bus terminal or train station. The price is only half and most of them also offer a direct route to Toledo. So you just need to buy a ticket at the spot.

 I will reveal the best spot to look down at the whole view of the city of Toledo. It is a great tip I got to know from a native person in the city of Toledo. This amazing view is from the 9th floor of the library café at Toledo City Library. You can view this in a panorama view from the windows. Look at the beautiful city of Toledo and drink some simply local coffee.
Ø  Biblioteca Publica del Estado toledo/ Cuesta Carlos V, s/n, 45001 Toledo, Spain

 Madrid of late October rained every day. Unlike the dark and gloomy weather of Madrid, Toledo had the bright fall winter. As I walked through the old city of history longer than 2000 years, my heart skipped a beat. I was not able to handle the emotions that came upon me as I gasped walking through the city. Toledo was also famous as an ancient area of production of weapons. We cannot forget the exciting tourism item shopping that represents Toledo such as the knights of the medieval times and swords. Rekay brought home a confident D’Artagnan statue.

My daily look explanation is late from my chitchat about Toledo. I matched the Maje maxi coat that I showed in the Barcelona posting with denim for a casual style. The color itself is feminine enough that it continues a soft and romantic mood even though it is coordinated with casual items. The maxi length and fit that drops weightlessly the Maje coat amazes me with the light wool material and comfortable fitting. The best advantages are that it can be worn easily at any time.
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 Great restaurants? It would be best to research in advance but Rekay who has not prepared anything just decided to go to a restaurant without an English menu! Saying that good Spanish restaurants would not have English menu service. When you are at famous tourist spots like Toledo and want to experience the local taste of the area, check out the menu!

Denim cannot be excluded in travel looks. There is somewhat of an energetic and healthy feeling! At travel spots where you have to wear sneakers or flat shoes, boy fit jeans are better than skinny jeans because they help you look a bit taller and also covers your leg line. Coordinate a short top upon your boy fit jeans or tuck your shirt into pants. It is best to select an overfit shirt that covers your bottom with skinny.

The jean is from mango. Boyfriend fit is difficult to get along but it seems to be a great fit. Upon a mild medium jean washing, the popular patch and embroidery is a bonus!

A spicy color point, High cheeks Alice embroidery mini bag and GucciMarmont silver pumps.



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