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November 22, 2016


The second post of my Barcelona Spain travel snap photos! The second shoot with B Nomad was a sweet friendship snap.
Last first posting was a recommendation for people that are going to a trip alone and want a personal photo shoot and also for people that want special photos. This friendship snap would be a great opportunity for precious people that want honeymoon or couple snaps. It would be beautiful memories with the person that you left on a trip together.
Especially in a trip with two people, we always have numerous awkward photos that look like tourists. Now no more of this awkwardness. Here are the B Nomad friendship snaps that made Rekay’s Spain trip more special!

A trip with fashion blogger Rekaystyle would have been a great stress. It is definitely a trip to have rest but taking photos like we’re working, wearing clothes, and having the SNS on at all times. During this trip, Rekay’s friend had a lot of patience and consideration to take a lot of photos and videos and never cease to make constructive comments. This is a post for a shout out to say thank you!

Because of a tiring blogger friend, we weren’t enjoying our trip as well as we could. I was a bit sorry since she could not enjoy her trip to the fullest. However, with the B Nomad friendship snap, we finally took a break from taking our photos and had true leisure as a tourist. She used to feel awkward taking photos however now she later had amazing poses and facial expressions that were as good as or not even better than a true model. Has the magic of our handsome photographer Diego got to us? I can still remember how fun it was during the whole shoot. I love that all the photos look natural and show how joyful we were.

Dailylook prepared by Rekay and Heather for a special photo shoot! It is a casual coat look that combines the late fall vibes of October. With Joseph’s classic monotone check wool coat and lovely pink tone Maje maxi coat styling goes perfectly with the antique and romantic atmosphere of the streets of Barcelona.

Rekay’s Joseph check coat is the only pattern coat among this Joseph collection. The check pattern upon the soft wool material adds a warmer emotion. The casual and vintage mood that the check pattern gives is such a luxury. With the mannish style, I wore it upon boy fit jeans and simple white shirt. With the coat itself, it has become a gorgeous look. You can shop Joseph through overseas direct purchase from their England based official site.

On the other hand, Heather’s feminine Majepink coat look is beautiful. People who have seen Rekay’s YouTube video would remember but it is also a product that I bought without hesitation at Spain. She matched it with a feminine mini dress of a bright tone. Since the color itself is very lovely and the dressy maxi line is simply irreplaceable! With the thick wool material with a lot of texture, it is a clean design without any other decorations. It is a design that can be worn easily and beautifully anywhere at any time.

The boy fit jeans with destroyed detail and unique floral embroidery pattern is a product from Mango. I bought it at Spain but it is also sold in Korea. The fit is adequate with a perfect amount of embroidery. I am definitely enjoying it.
Silver Gucci Marmont pumps that is a point in the dark tone. As if I wore sparkling shoes of Dorothy, it is Rekay’s loved shoes that always keep me in a good mood.

Travel carryon trunk that I had to take around unintentionally.
When Rekay goes on a business trip to London or on massive shopping trips, I often just take my hand carried trunk. Rather than dragging a ton of heavy shopping bags all day, it is much comfortable for my body and there is no worry for losing anything. If you are a true shopper, it would be great to try once.


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