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February 6, 2017

17 S/S Massimo Dutti RTW Preview in Seoul

Did you all have a happy and pleasant Lunar’s New Year vacation? I was a bit concerned that I haven’t exchanged proper new year greetings for 2017 but since I am preparing a huge present event for 2000 people, I will share my greetings for thanks, friendships, and delight!
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Last January 24th, I headed to Chungdamdong Gallery Won where the 2017 spring/summer collection preview of Massimo Dutti was held. Along with the limited collection line that was placed on Massimo Dutti’s first runway, different cities and galleries around the world became the inspiration for a special collection full of edge and energy.

Massimo Dutti’s special minimal line and flowing drape was the specialty of the runway collection. Through a creamy color palette that dramatically presents the light and silky material, a composed and luxurious modern look is completed. An all white outfit with one-tone coordination is this season’s key styling that is most minimal yet with a strong pose.

The teal green point color that contrasts with earthy brown is Massimo Dutti’s spring point color that caught my eyes with the freshness of the spring season and exotic vibe. The combination of brown and black may seem a bit stuffy for the spring season but the drastic cutting line and deep slits is a bold and charming match that continues its chicness as it introduces a new spring styling.

Along with the runway collection, new Massimo Dutti lines inspired from cities around the world was revealed. The first outfit is the Shanghai Line with floral patterns and spicy orange color point of oriental flair.

It is a design that is in between dressy and casual thus matching it with denim would complete a stylish modern Bohemian look. Rather than wearing hackneyed pink that comes to our minds when we think of spring, it would be a better choice to choose a bright orange in the coral range. (Of course, Rekay is still the person that continues to love pink.)

 The maxi dress that captured Rekay’s heart is from the Hong Kong line. It is a collection inspired by the fabulous night view of Hong Kong. The modern silhouette and sensual color combination is definitely a heartstopper. When using stripes, doing this much would be new. However, it is the slim line that calls for a diet. I’ll stop eating.

The lady like line that embedded Vienna’s emotional and lyrical mood. The lace details with feminine touch and delicate punching is definitely going to capture the hearts of ladies.

Today’s "daily look" is a simple all black outfit with an addition of a fresh, tone up sky blue velvet jacket to bring spring vibes. The pastel tone velvet adds a subtle sheen and vintage mood to make it more beautiful.

The most trendy coordination accessory nowadays is the Buckle belt!
Big buckle Western belts (following the Gucci belt) are currently the it item that is receiving the love of massive numbers of fashion people. It doesn't matter how the tough rider fashion has become such a mega trend but should be added to our shopping list right this moment. It can be said that double buckles are more trendy however Rekay bought a more basic and easy one buckle basic belt. I thought to myself that I would wear it upon everything. 

Overseas direct purchase website Revolve has numerous beautiful buckle belts so don't find yourself lost but shop here.

Massimo Dutti’s male collection that I would just love to put upon my boyfriend right at this moment. The piping of contrasting colors and banding detail as well as cheerful stripes adds a casual and sporty mood. I found myself pondering on a random imagination that it would fit Eric Nam perfectly.

Personally I like simple and modern city casual males apparel however I would like to go have brunch in such styling. Except the shirt with two buttons open. lol


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