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February 8, 2017

Wishing for a lovely sweet Valentine! [Valentine Gift Idea for HIM]

February 14th.  Better than a holiday, Valentine’s Day!!! Although asking someone out is still a challenge despite my age, it is something that makes people gain a bit of bravery even though it may hurt. Even though it may seem a bit outdated, saying our hearts to someone we love on Valentine Day is still classic and romantic!! 
To our old partners that are no longer that sweet, I still like you like the first moment I met you and I will continue to do so forever. You are my best love. Such surprise comments are less difficult to do on Valentine’s Day.

I put together a Valentine gift list that are packed with things that we would love to throw into the arms of our man with sweet chocolate. What style would he like? What present would be perfect? Isn’t it the first time you got such a amazing present? With high hopes that I would match his taste and become his Valentine.

I curated for collect website Matchesfashion and MRPORTER. Since these are websites that have great present wrapping services, the only addition of a small card with your heart completes the ultimate present. Wishing for a lovely sweet Valentine…

 Dandy & Smart

Our nice and gentle man who is neater and more sensitive than women. A man wearing a fancy suit and with a smart brain, this is the Valentine present list for your man that does not lose his edge even with his busy work life. Rather than fancy decorations and bright colors that agitate our eyes, we go for a monotone and basic but classic design that utilizes luxurious material for his neat taste.

1. BRAUN  BN0035 Stainless Steel Watch [here]
2. GIVENCHY Star-embroidered silk tie [here] 
3. THEORY Donners Cashmere Scarf [here]
4. SAINT LAURENT Medium leather tote [here]
5. D R HARRIS Arlington Shaving Kit [here]
6. McKinley D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses [here]
8. PRADA3.5cm Reversible Saffiano Belt [here]
10. GUCCI Jordaan leather loafers [here]
11. BURBERRY Bowler Hat cufflinks [here]
12. AESOP Parsley Seed Eye Serum [here]
13. THOM BROWNE Ribbed CottonSocks [here]
14. 11. MOSCOT Gelt Optical Glasses [here]
15. THOM BROWNE Pebble-Grain Leather Cardholder [here] 

Active Casual

For our man that is cute and bubbly with a love for sports and playlist with a lot of beat, a bright and witty present would be perfect for him.

Vivid colors would be the perfect source of energy in his active and free style. It would also go well with the casual mood like the stripes and denim material that he wears often. If he is a curious man, buy him trendy electronics that his mother wouldn’t get him rather than fashion items.

1. ACNE STUDIOS Dasher C wool cardigan [here
2. TIMEX Archive Camper Resin Watch [here]
3. LEICASofort Instant Camera [HERE]
4. Y-3 Translucent rubberised tote [here]
5. MASTER & DYNAMICMH40 Headphones [here]
6. GUCCI New Ace leather trainers [here]
7. CAFÉ DU CYCLISTE Striped socks [HERE]
8. LANVIN Zip-through hooded sweatshirt [HERE]

9. BROOKS ENGLAND Rivington Backpack [here]
10. FENDI No Words leather cardholder [here]

11. VALENTINO Rockstud leather bracelet [here
12. EVEREST ISLES Horizon cotton cap [here]
13. DIOR HOMME SUNGLASSES  Magnitude round-frame sunglasses [here]
14. GOPRO HERO5 Session Camera [here]
15. ANDERSON' S3cm Leather Belt [here] 


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