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March 18, 2017

Gucci Lace Jacket & Gucci Lace Skirt SetLook | Marmont Pump

It is a weekend afternoon full of warm spring vibes! With lighter clothing and brighter colors, I can definitely feel that spring is near us. I am back w
ith a romantic spring daily look. When we discuss spring fashion, we immediately think of lace! Upon the feminine and lovely atmosphere, the addition of color points, I shall introduce the combination outfit of Gucci’s lace jacket and lace skirt. Gucci, one of the hottest brands nowadays, and their attractive 90s retro girl look along with Gentle Monster’s tint sunglasss and Gucci’s Marmont silver pumps completed today’s look.

The material is white lace bonded unto neofren jersey material with the traditional Gucci three stripe knit rib on the jacket and a skirt to go along with as a set. The white lace was placed upon black jersey thus, the black and white color contrast to highlight the lace pattern more. The casual three stripe that contrasts with the elegant lace comes to use in a light and cute touch that introduces us to the new season.

The waist banding of the skirt is done in three stripes thus I matched it with a light t-shirt and spring knit to create a slim and feminine line. The skirt that is not too short along with the A-line skirt line on the bottom is easy and comfortable to wear.

When matched together, it looks like you have worn a whole lace dress and since they are a pretty basic line, it can be worn separately and styled in different ways.


Gentle Monster tint sunglass that can be said to be the hottest sunglass trend this season! Between the apricot pink tint color, you can see your eyes, which seem to be quite playful. It is a fashionable item that has a vintage play to it. If you have been covering up with sunglasses till now, this season you should use it as a device to highlight your beautiful eyes. Of course, eye make up is key.

Gucci’s silver Marmont pumps that I’ve been wearing continuously since the last fall season. Even though the season has changed, it still has life to it and I continue to introduce it with new looks. The middle heel is comfortable and steady. In addition, the metallic color does not seem to lose its shine easily! It isn’t too late to get beautiful Marmont pumps!


Special art placed upon the GG Supreme logo, floral patterns and the blue humming bird of the oriental mood has been placed upon the luxurious Gucci clutch. On the opposite part of the print, there is a dark red color solid so you can take it around in different moods along with your style of the day. It is a great accessory that can be used as a highlight in simple looks. It would also go well with casual denim.


What I was Wearing:

GUCCI Lace Jacket [HERE]
GUCCI Lace Skirt [HERE]
GUCCI Marmont Pump [HERE]
GUCCI GG Supreme Clutch [HERE]
Gentle Monster Flatba BlackPeter S1 [HERE]


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