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March 16, 2017

New Angelina Jolie's Perfume | 2017 Mon Guerlain

Last March 1st, Guerlain’s new perfume of year 2017, MonGuerlain was finally revealed. Angelina Jolie, the actress representing confidence, bold, and free modern women, is this season’s Mon Guerlain Muse for this season. Her strong and elegant femininity has been perfectly emerged into this perfume as it is receiving a lot of interest.
As you can feel from her saying, “My invisible tattoo, my fragrance, Mon Guerlain’, the inner beauty that cannot be seen by the raw eye is something that nobody can replicate and comes to use with a very strong appeal.

Now comes shining spring after the long winter, we are now starting a special day with Mon Guerlain in a pinkish quadrilobe bottle. Dreaming of becoming a elegant, and sensual woman.

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We often are drawn to people with a nice scent. We feel like going near them and feel a special appeal that we have never felt before. What? This scent from this person? The scent of a person is remembered more deeply than what is seen on the outside. In order to capture someone’s heart, sometimes the hidden beauty within is stronger than the outward appearance.

In the fact that I have to satisfy my own tastes and appeal my image attractively to other people, it is very difficult to choose the perfect perfume for myself. It is a process that requires sensitive and detailed view. We do not call things like Febreeze that we spray on our clothes after leaving a barbeque house as perfume. If you want to be viewed as a confident and modern urban woman and also want the free and loveliness together, I recommend Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain.

The top note that can be thought of as the first image has a freshness and the middle and base note that is left over has Carla lavender, Sambac Jasmine, and Sandalwood. It is a stronger and threatening scent as you stay closer and longer. You might become a more sensual woman than Angelina Jolie in any moment!

As much as there is a saying that says that the perfection to style is perfume. Any woman should not miss their perfume along with their lipstick. In reality, Rekay isn’t a person that takes her perfume seriously. When allergies get worse, I often become sensitive to even the smallest amount of perfume.

However, despite everything, the reason why I am purchasing perfume? Even though I don’t wear it on a daily basis, when I am feeling very down (Before I go to my weekly Monday presentation), before a heart throbbing date, and a day when I feel like my style is at its best! A perfume is definitely needed on a day like this!

A good scent makes the moment happy and makes you imagine of happy moments. It is like a God-given gift like magic!

When we stop by a garden full of floral scents, we often find our long lost femininity within ourselves and find ourselves saying, I am happy to be a woman! We can never be more Feminine. With a frill lace skirt and spring knit as well as a velvet jacket, I coordinated a bright daily look full of spring vibes along with Mon Guerlain perfume.

The frill lace skirt I got from Topshop, the frills placed along the unbalanced cutting line creates an elegant look with wavy movement. The deep yellow colorr and luxurious lace material is also eye catching.

Winter is over! But ankle boots continue this spring. In the winter season, I usually coordinated it with denim but as the weather is becoming warmer, I have tried a coordination with skirts. These are booties from Seychelles that I got through direct overseas purchase via Revolve. The simple body and casual chunky heels and a slim ankle line. It is a booty with a beautiful fit that helps your legs look longer and more pretty even when worn with skirt. Right now, most of the sizes are out and only a few are left.

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