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March 2, 2017

New Basic Dailylook / Western Belt & Mules & Givenchy Pandora

Every season, there are new trends and even though we do not know what is right, we feel pressured to quickly follow others. Even if wide sleeves with patchwork denim is hot, what meaning would it have if it does not match our preference?
Rather than becoming a simple trend follower, smart styling is needed. We should be focused on the basics and add the current trend to our liking.

Regardless of season, this is a staple item that goes well in any style. In addition, I will introduce the mixed new basic look that has added the hot season trend accessories this spring 2017.

Basic staple item #1: Wide Fit Jeans
Wide Fit Jeans is a denim fit that feels casual and formal at the same time. This is Zara’s Wide Jeans that I have been wearing for a number of years. With minimized washing and the deep indigo color is a organized and minimal mood that is also an item that has a comfortable and loose atmosphere. The widefit that drops straight down without a line goes better with flat shoes rather than high heels.

Basic staple item #2: Navy Blazer
A blazer should be somewhere in your closet. It is a basic jacket that seems to be easy to match anywhere but it might become too formal or old that it is harder to style than you think. Rather than styling the traditional way, it is better to drape it on the shoulder or add accessories like a petit scarf or belt to produce a simple and trendy jacket look. If it is an old jacket that has an uneven waistline ,coordinate a bold belt and liven the silhouette and also upgrade your style.

The revival of western belt! Seeing this, I can definitely agree to the saying that fashion goes round and round. The ecosystem of fashion is where an icon of a specific time and style goes beyond some time periods to come back as the hot trend. The Western buckle belt that is the icon of biker look of the 80s and 90s has come back in 2017 as the season’s it accessory.

As high rise jeans are strong nowadays, belts are becoming a popular item to coordinate together. Easily update the trend with GG’s marmond belt and worldwide popular Western metal buckle belt!

>>Rekay’s Western Buckle Belt [HERE] @ Revolve, With the strong yet soft leather quality, the intricate setting of the buckle design and great size is definitely why I recommend this.

Basic Staple Item #3: Minimal Watch
It is the Tribeca watch of Wanderlustwatches that I am loving from last year. With the mannish oversize face and black leather banding and gold metal matching is simple yet edgy and luxurious. I definitely recommend it as a daily watch that can go along well with any look. It would also be great to wear as a couple watch.

TopShop’s basic top with fluffy ruffle edge [HERE]. The cozy slum material winds well around the body. Especially the half neck line with cute ruffle details along the sleeve is a lovely and feminine point! It is great to wear in spring and also great to layer with a slip dress and bustier.

The popularity of Bloafers are likely to continue for some time. It is a new word that is the addition of backless/loafer/slipper, which is the most trendy shoe design. Rekay is also a great bloafer fan from last year. Rekay is also collecting various bloafer designs as if I am collecting them from last year. It is also the trend but the formal yet casual look is an item that fits my personal preference perfectly. The fact that it is comfortable like slippers is a bonus!

Rekay’s new bloafer this year is a product from Steve Madden [HERE], which I got through overseas direct purchase at Revolve. (The brand itself was also imported to Korea, but it seems like it has closed down?) The basic black leather body and fringe tassels are lovely. It is a great fit and above all is a trendy item. The simple and classic design that seems like it would last a lifetime is the best.


ZARA Wideleg Denim Jeans [SIMILAR
OTTOMILLA 8000 Sunglass

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