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July 21, 2017

My Summer Daily Skincare routine | Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, MAC

I will introduce daily skin care items that Rekay uses every single day. Although I am not a professional beauty blogger, I have very sensitive skin that often causes a lot of trouble. As a result, I am actually a cosmetic guru that looks into details when using different products. 
As I work and blog at the same time, I am very busy and have no time for skin care or any rest. Then if my skin decides to go on strike, nothing can stress me more. Although I paid for the skin care clinic, I am not able to go even once a month. Instead, I am not lazy with applying products on a daily basis just for myself.

Rekay has very dry skin that is always lacking moisture. However, I dislike applying a lot of products or products with a heavy texture. It’s always difficult to select products. Since it is summer, I can never choose any product that is sticky. The light and fresh texture is crucial along with enough nutrients and moisture for my dry skin. I also need a strong base for my makeup.

With this skin type that requires a lot of care and Rekay’s difficult preference, I will now reveal Rekay’s basic summer skin care item. These all are not causing me any trouble. (I have not been sponsored by any company and is reviewing this products based on my pure opinion. )

1.     Estee Lauder Micro Essence[HERE]
It is a product that I am using as my first skin. It is a bit expensive considering its price but it is great to gently tidies up my skin and moisturizes very well. It is a product that takes away all the dryness. 
The great skin condition that I made with the seven step skin is done by a single product. It is similar to SK2’s pithera essence but it has a weaker scent, is less sticky, and causes no troubles. People with dry skin should definitely use this.

2.     Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum[HERE]
This is a product that the employee at Bobbi Brown recommended to me as their best item. As I use this product, I can totally understand why this is the best. The repair serum is not like any other serum but is rather similar to the texture of a light lotion. It absorbs very well and also repairs my skin dramatically as it is a highly enriched serum. 
When I used the Isoi Rose serum before, the texture is great but my skin dried out too quickly that I had to apply cream right away. However, the repair serum applies neatly and also gets rid of any dryness as it clears my skin.

3.     Estee Lauder 6th edition Brown bottle Repair Eye Cream[HERE]
Eye creams were something that I could not find useful as I used it. It is also the step that I want to skip the most. Just by applying Bobbi’s repair serum, most of the dryness of my skin wears off. Thus, I did not put much attention into caring my under eye skin. But as I went on vacation recently, I bought a brown bottle essence set that included this eye cream. 

4.     Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream[HERE]
Also Bobbi Brown’s best selling hydrating cream! It is a gel cream with the perfect cool texture for summer. It is great to use before makeup during the day. It spreads very nicely and thinly. With the tiniest amount, it gives you enough moisture. 
After applying this cream, my skin feels like it has been enriched with collagen. It is moisturized and elastic. Creams have to be patted into the skin very well so that it does not wear off or mess up your makeup later on. Even though it is a very light texture, hydrating creams should be pressed and patted into your skin for more than one minute.

5.     Mac Prep+Prime Face Protection Lotion SPF 50/PA+++[HERE]
It is a prep+prime lotion that I used with the recommendations of beauty YouTuber friends. Since the SPF level is 50, I use it instead of any other sun screen. It is a product that also organizes my skin and balances the oil and moisture levels like a primer. 
The Shiseido sun screen that I used to use was very watery and applied well to the skin. But it often seemed to light and melty. This product is similar but has more density. Using this product definitely helps the makeup last longer and stay in place. I am definitely buying this product again.

6.     Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 PA+++[HERE]
Bobbi Brown serum foundation that is one of the hottest products nowadays. I used to use Yves Saint Laurent’s serum foundation till recently since it was famous for being very moisturizing. Although it is moisturizing, it lacks coverage and longevity. I found my face condition horrific in the afternoon. I was looking forward to Bobbi Brown and tried it. It is a heavier texture than Yves Saint Laurent. Instead of being too watery, it has greater coverage along with moisture that applies very well to the skin. 
Using a brush to apply it also gives it a natural sheen on the skin. 

I hope Rekay’s daily skin care product review have been helpful. When I have the time, I would like to come back with a real video of how I do skin care and make up. I will be back with a lot of practice!

I wonder what products you all are using! Don’t forget to let me know about your favorite products that you would like to recommend to me!