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July 23, 2017

L'Academie Cami top & ZARA wide pants | Hongkong Trip

Today I will introduce Rekay’s loved summer look that was probably my favorite outfit throughout the whole summer vacation!
The Zara Tropical pattern wide pants that are now on sale (Pity me, I paid the full price) and L’Academie’s stripe strap top from Revolve was matched together for this trip to Hong Kong.

Although it was a dangerous look by matching pattern and pattern, the minimal stripe and vivid tropical patterns contrasting together completed a unique styling. It is a huge personal favorite of mine.

Summer in Hong Kong is just as hot and humid in Korea. The lively tropical pants from Zara with its greeny bold prints made me feel a cool breeze in the hot weather. The silhouette of the wide fit made me look like I was wearing a maxi dress and the cute fril details at the end created a truly feminine design.

It was not only comfortable but each step I took created a dramatic fit. Shouldn't you wear something like this on vacation?

The stripe top I matched together! If you look around, there is really no basic white background stripe top. It is a product I found through much research on Revolve. It is the product from the new camisole line of L’academie. I got this as the follow up product of the button camisole I got last time.

Since it is a pretty light material, it is not too hot or stuffy to wear. Wrap it around yourself and tie it up to style. It is popular nowadays to tie the strings long but it is also great to simply tie it up in a ribbon. IT is a simple and modern design with the basic white and deep navy stripe color. It took my heart. It is long enough to even match with a pair of jeans.

The basic line’s stripe strap top is also pretty! It’s on sale right now. [HERE]

The end point to a fancy summer vacance look is a bling bling sequence eco bag. I got it without any plans at a department store and I’ve been loving it. It is a product from the brand Judy Juicy. It is great to change up your mood.

I usually don’t take around eco bags but when you’re travelling and have a lot of things to take around with you, there is no bag better than an eco bag. Better wear one that also has a pretty design!

Café Classified, a place I stop by when I visit Hong Kong. It is a place famous for their brunch but it is also great to get a cocktail on their terrace when it is not busy. It is a place that is a bit away from the complicated streets of Soho. Great atmosphere and our neighbors are all fashion people.


L'Academie Wrap Cami [HERE] @ REVOLVE
ZARA Tropical Wide Pants
CELINE Sunglass [HERE]