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August 24, 2017

Summer Romantic Boho Dress with Chloe Bag

Even though I keep reminding myself that minimalism and simplicity is best, the style that I cannot get away from is Bohemian style! 

I am not into hippy looks like Hyori Lee but seeing embroidery patterns on light material just makes my heart skip a bit. Who knows why. 

The relaxing silhouette along with feminine frills and embroidery that totally got Rekay’s heart- I will introduce a daily Bohemian dress style from Zara.

The thin material of light denim color looks like faded sky blue. Upon this gorgeous color, there is a spicy red embroidery that brings everything to life. The point color and the color combination seems to shed color into my cheeks and brighten my whole face.

It is perfect to reach out for in hot weather. The wide sleeves of kimono pattern and high waist line with a lovely girly vibe is what completes this lovely dress. With the light Bohemian touch, it is not difficult to wear. It is the reason why I love this even more.

Chloe’s Hudson bag- the perfect finish to the Bohemian mood.[HERE

Suede material of deep orange color and swaying tassels with detailed stud decorations are what complete this gorgeous boho style bag. This is Rekay’s favorite bag that has Chloe’s special feminine and natural vibe.


>> SHARI SHARI [HERE] (G/F, 14 Haven Street, Causeway Bay HK)

As I posted Hong Kong daily look postings from my trip, I could not miss out on the Mango Shaved Ice place that I went to. Sharing information is just my love. 

Shari Shari shaved ice at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong! Since it is such a popular dessert café, I stopped by in the early morning. But do you see that waiting list? I had to wait more than 30 minutes. Along with the creamy and rich mango shaved ice, I had some glutinous bread. They went perfectly! Their Matcha Green Tea shaved ice and Sakura shaved ice are also their specialty. Go try it out according to your taste!

Feeling great with a full tummy! (Do you notice the waiting list in the back?)

Pom Pom flip flops for a light weight vacation look![HERE

It is a product from CJ E&M’s official fashion brand, MYCT. It was launched along with a famous TV program in Korea, Yoon’s diner. There are large cute pom poms that brighten up your day. Since they are mono tone colors, you can match them anywhere you’d like!


ZARA Boho embroidery dress
CHLOE Hudson Bag[HERE]
MYCT Pompom Slippers [HERE]