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August 21, 2017

Summer YOLO style: Fedora & GUCCI dionysus

­­­In our boring daily lives, there are times when a small change influences our entire lives. The special styling item that is small but full of impact is the panama hat.
Hats are actually a difficult item compared to watches or earrings to wear every day but when you feel like it is the right timing, the addition of hats can brighten up your outfit and also jazz up your style. It is a very practical fashion item.

YOLO You Only Live Once! Yolo! It is one of the hottest words that simply jazzes up your mood just by saying it out loud. In order to have your great yolo life, your ordinary daily life should be fun while not missing out on styling better than other people around you! Styling of the Ordinary Day Panama Hat on a simple wide pants look! With the liveliness and fun, I will start!

Fedora hats usually remind us of an aged and mannish atmosphere so it might seem a bit difficult to coordinate with feminine styles. Since the fedora hat that I own myself is made as an accessory by a fashion brand, the material is a bit heavy. The fit and quality was also a bit lacking to my expectations.

But! Today, the fedora that Rekay chose is from a brand that specializes in hats, Ordinary Day. The sensual and vibrant designs of designers and the high quality just got my mind. Even though it may seem like your ordinary straw hat, the details created by designers are different!

Ordinary day, the brand that looks for how ordinary people pursue a special life. Just like the brand itself, their products seem to be simple and quite ordinary but there is a luxurious and detailed designer’s touch in the products that is noticeable in the form, size, color, and detail of the hats. These small details have all been taken under attention so that the lack of wild decorations can be simply stylish.

Since it is a fedora hat of light straw material, it is unique itself. In addition, the material is 100% raffia that gives it a natural feeling which is on its own, pretty stylish. I highly recommend this to women. When you wear it, the top of the hat is not too high nor wide. It is not too difficult to style and it also makes your face look smaller.

The suede fedora of Ordinary Day is also a beauty. I would love to try this on.
It is not a hat that you may wear once in a while to brighten up your mood. It is a hat that I want to keep by my side for a long time throughout my daily life. It is also a hat that I want to take on my trips to special places.

Long time no see, Gucci Dionysus during the summer. Now I find that I am over the summer as I reach out for this again. 

It also goes perfectly with chic styles. I expect excitement and out-of-stock situation for the basic black Dionysus this season. It is on MyTheresa right now. 
>> Gucci Dionysus MyTheresa [HERE] + Free Shipping event

Dior Sunglasses. [HERE]

I was glad to see Zico,Kpop star, wearing this recently on Show Me the Money season 6. The cats eye metal frame is a cute design. A variety of colors for these lenses were recently launched. The one I am wearing is a soft gold/brown color.

What I was wearing:

Ordinaryday Fedora  [HERE]