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August 15, 2017

Summer maxi shirt with denim pants

As it has been raining during the past few days, I feel a cool, crisp breeze in the morning and night. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night because of the cold breeze coming through my window. Today, I will introduce to you a stylish maxi shirt look that is perfect for this time of year when the summer is coming to an end.
Maxi robe cardigans were pretty popular this season. It seems that the long lengths itself are stylish. Another great point that it is easy to coordinate as a light outer for the changing season with a light summer shirt.

Maxi items themselves have a dressy vibe to them. Different patterns and material may make you look older and a bit too-much. You might also look like you are still on vacation.

Which is why, Rekay chose a casual and daily shirt design that is just a bit longer as maxi. It is a stripe pattern maxi shirt. I created a daily maxi shirt look that is easy and comfortable to wear together with the match of straight fit denim jeans and bloafers.

The inner clothes that I matched with my maxi shirt is Rekay’s daily comfortable straight fit denim jeans and basic black camisole top. In the case of jeans, the hot weather makes it impossible to wear tight skinny jeans. It is rather better to wear roomy straight fit or boy fit denim. The trend nowadays is just to stuff in whatever t-shirt or shirt into some high-rise jeans.

A black camisole top is a must have in your closet. It can be matched pretty much everywhere. It goes well as a dressy inner in your jacket and also great as a sexy casual look. Invest some money in to this basic item. I recommend luxurious silk material.

Camisole tops are great for hot days but when it is raining or a bit chilly or if you are indoors with strong air conditioning, it would be great to match a light shirt like Rekay as a outer! Since it is a shirt made of light material, it does not weigh down on your shoulders. In addition, the swaying shirt silhouette in the wind is also a fancy point.

Phillip Lim suede bloafers that added edge to my maxi shirt.
High heels are a bit awkward for wide fit or maxi fit (they make me look like I dressed up too much). Flat shoes or loafers and bloafers, these mannish shoes look way better. The maxi length makes your body line look slim and longer than you really are. So you don’t seem like a hobbit even though you wear flats with this outfit.

The popularity of loafers/backless/slipper shoes are continuing this fall. There are no words needed for Gucci Marmont slippers.[HERE] & [HERE]
A velvet material[HERE] is a true beauty and so are Joseph’s leather loafers. [HERESuch beauties.

Since it feels like fall, Marni’s red sculpture bag comes first to mind! 
Marni’s red color is always adding a luxurious and fancy point to any look. Marni bag always receives adulation wherever I take it. 

The red color in real life is way beautiful than the way it looks in photos. 

What I was wearing:

MYCT Maxi Shirt [HERE]
3.1 Philliplim Backless Loafer [GUCCI HERE / JOSEPH HERE]
MARNI Sculpture Bag [HERE]

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