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September 17, 2017

ACNE Bomber Jacket & Chloe Waist Bag

Fall has finally come to Rekaystyle! As the months have turned to September, I now feel that it is really fall! The drastic change in weather is amazing.
No matter what other people think of fall, it is just the perfect season for new outers. There are beautiful new fall outers that make me thank the weather for becoming a lot colder.

The legendary outer that represents fall, isn’t it definitely the Bomber Jacket from Acne? It has been on my wishlist for seasons and I finally got it through Fwrd.
I feel like I found my true love of bomber jackets. It is actually a bit thick for this weather but since I cannot wait to wear it, I reach for it when the weather feels the least bit cold. I hope it becomes colder soon!!

The Acne bomber jacket is a thick material that is quite soft. When you wear it, it has a stylish volume to it. It is a casual and mannish bomber jacket shape but the shiny material with the gathering details along the sleeve line is feminine and luxurious.

Outers have to be simply and basic to be most useful. Since bomber jackets are the trend, I see a variety of fancy different designs but Rekay prefers the basic and clean design of Acne bomber jacket in the color black. Of course, you look the most chic in it as well.

I had to think over the size. I thought that it would look best worn a bit over fit so I bought size 40 (Large). If you are wearing it in a basic fit, size 38 would be nice. SHOP [HERE]

Red checks are the bomb for fall!
I coordinated a longer check shirt inside my bomber jacket. With the contrast with the black color, I have created a light and lively point style that contrasts with the black color. I easily put together a trendy 80s casual look with no effort whatsoever!

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Red check shirts [here] + Black Skinny [here] + Bag [here] + Ankle Boots [here]

Kiss your summer vacation sunglasses good bye because it is now time for simple and stylish fall sunglasses. The fall sunshine is as bright as the summer so the way to perfectly finish your style is a pair of edgy sunglasses.

Rekay selected Senselect’s Reve. I recently saw Ivy wearing it and thought to myself that that is the perfect one! It is a perfect design for daily wear and the gold metal of vintage flair along with the deep green lenses are perfect. When I compare  it with the pair of Rayban sunglasses that I own, it is a more stable frame with a flat lense that looks way more trendy.

What I was wearing:

ACNE Bomber Jacket [
Ralph Lauren Shirts [
MOTHER Skinny [
Chloe Bag [
SENSELECT Sunglass [

>> Luxury designer edit shop, Fwrd.[HERE]

It is the place where Rekay got her Acne bomber jacket. Including Acne, there are brands that Rekay loves- Chloe, Saint Laurent, Givency, Fendi, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and so on! Along with the greatest line up from the hottest brands, it is a great direct overseas purchase website for luxury goods along with suggestions for trendy styling.