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September 15, 2017

Topshop wideleg pants with Adam Selman + Le Specs Cat-eye Sunglass

Hello to all my lovely readers of Rekaystyle! How was your weekend? Rekay was on a business trip to Tokyo this week and just got back. Tokyo was fabulous and stylish as always. Throughout my busy business trip schedule, I brought back some lovely photos within my tight schedule. So stay tuned!
Although I was very busy preparing for my business trip, I stopped by the famous Chanel Gabrielle perfume launching pop up store that is hot among fashion people. I was excited for my outing to Hannamdong on a weekend in such a log itme. I was on my way to meet the feminine and elegant new perfume of Chanel. I styled a ‘lady’ Rekay with lovely pink ruffle pants, mild gray top and edgy cat eye sunglasses.

 I stopped by the mansion café, Conte de Tulear (this name is quite a mouthful) before going to the Chanel pop up store. What a great place to sip on my iced café latte on a seat on the terrace enjoying the bright autumn weather.

This fall, I am seeing more and more pink colors. The hottest trend, retro and romantic are most well expressed with this color. The lovely pink tone ruffle wide pants are a product from Top shop. As soon as I saw it, I thought that it was perfectly Rekaystyle. So I had to get it through direct overseas purchase from Topshop in a long time.  It is a difficult kind of design to find. Of course, it went out of stock in no time. I am so sad for you. 
>> the basic style without ruffles are still in stock. They are the same fit and color.[HERE]

The hottest cat eye sunglasses of the season, these are Lolita cat eye sunglasses that were created through the collaboration of Adam Selman and Le Specs.

The most stylish sunglass shape of 2017 with the glamour and sexiness of 1950s Hollywood. As many celebrities including Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Irene are wearing these babies, they are famous worldwide. I was lucky enough to get myself the black color. It is currently still out of stock but you could wait for some time after adding this to your wishlist on Matches[HERE] or Net-a-porter. [HERE

A new Chanel perfume in 15 years! To commemorate the launching of the Gabrielle Chanel perfume, a Chanel popup store is open at the Mansion Hannamdong until September 17th. Before Designer Chanel, Gabrielle Chanel herself was called Coco Chanel. She is the main center of this perfume with the most pure and inner Chanel herself.

The four florals that created this perfume Gabrielle, ylang ylang, orange blossom, tube rose and jasmine that is added to all Chanel perfumes can be checked out. An amazing space was put together to experience the Gabrielle perfume that expressed the perfect white flower in our imagination.

The magical color that holds the perfume Gabrielle is the perfect color between silver and gold, lame. The everso thin and transparent glass with the delicate cutting of the square shape holds light in its center to shine beautifully.

At this Chanel popup store, you can smell, touch, and even hold the scent of the perfume Gabrielle. There is a mirror room designed and inspired by the Gabrielle bottle and also a photo zone where you can hold a huge Gabrielle perfume to take a photo with.

Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag that perfectly complements the pink color. Holding it as a tote styles it in a very elegant and feminine way. As the F/W season is starting, the black color seems more beautiful. The simple and modern chain details complete a bag that I can take around very well regardless of the season.