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October 4, 2017

Fashion Designer's working wear | Reiss Blazer & JW Anderson Bag

Tis Monday. A new week has started. Just by getting through this week, we finally have thanksgiving break!

Putting aside the joys of thanksgiving for a moment, I would like to introduce Rekay’s daily look to work today. Since I work in the fashion industry, strict formal looks are no need, however I do have important meetings with other companies, thus I try to dress up quite a bit. Just enough formality without losing the trendiness and pose!

The must-have in any daily look to work is a jacket. It is the item that can most easily complete a business look. The basic black jacket that I wore at the interview is amazing but this time I chose a more casual and stylish gray check pattern. Check jackets are popular nowadays. With a perfectly tailored jacket, you are now full of courage.

This is a simple shirts and slacks work style with the match of a bright gray tone check jacket and single navy tone.

Jacket by Reiss [HERE]

A high-quality English brand Reiss for the luxurious and elegant lady. It is also famous as the beloved brand of the fashionista of the British Monarchy, Crown Princess Kate Middleton. The high end tailoring that can only be seen in custom or luxurious jackets create this amazing collection. With the chic silhouette that simply drops in such a beautiful manner with the feminine touch is what got my heart.

The jacket that Rekay wore has a much longer and slimmer body line compared to the basic jacket. When worn with slacks or pants the line looks much beautiful. It is a bit different from the overfit jackets that you see often nowadays. It is a design that has more of a classic and professional feel than the popular jackets nowadays. From the shoulder line to the hem of the sleeve line and the collar, every aspect of this jacket is luxurious.

from left / 1.[HERE] 2.[HERE] 3.[HERE] 4.[HERE]

A one tone inner style with the color match of the shirt and slacks. The gray tone jacket may seem a bit stuffy and boring so I matched a deep navy color that emphasizes the contrast of colors. Gray and Navy is a modern yet casual combination. Thus, it made the formal jacket business look more soft and feminine. The basic fall combination of gray and wine or red would also be worth trying.

The navy shirt is of silk material and is a product from Equipment. I own their short sleeve and long sleeve signature shirt line. There is no better shirt than this. The flowy silk material is great and is easy to tuck into your regular slacks or skirt. I recommend this highly as a must have shirt for your closet.

> Equipment signature shirt [HERE] & Short sleeve [HERE]

The actual hero of the day are these white sneakers.
It is a product from Lustitch that means sparkling stitches. Their simple and minimal design that stuck to the basics with strong durability is a much loved brand not only in Korea but worldwide.

Lustitch White Sneakers completed Rekay’s light suit look to another level of style. I was looking for a pair of clean and luxurious sneakers like Commonproject sneakers. Then I found these! The basic design clean sneakers with the most beautiful color of white that goes beyond casual and formal. I finally found them. I bet I won’t need to say another word about how well they go with denim.

Not only was I satisfied with the beautiful design, but the comfort when I wear them increased my satisfaction. I could not believe how soft and light the leather was. Plus, the leather was not that thin, so I think I myself, who wears things pretty aggressively, can wear this for a long time. There is some heel inside so you should be able to look a bit taller.

Still a beauty, JW Anderson Pierce Bag

As the season is changing, the Pierce bag is receiving more and more love. THere are so many different colors and different versions. It is still the strong it bag. I wonder if there is any better bag for a business look. It is a tote bag full of edge and chic. The untouchable Gold barbell rings!

The size is adequate as a tote or for simply draping over the shoulders. It is a classic design that never goes old. You can style it pretty casually. For any formal event like a wedding, you never have to hesitate picking this up.

Equipment Signature silk shirt [Long sleeve] / [Short sleeve]
A.D.S.R Sunglass [SIMILAR]
JW Anderson Pierce Bag[HERE]